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10/08/14 AC AMAZE-O-GRAPH for Feb solicits

Femforce #170
Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 16



Femforce #170–with special flipbook feature: Rochelle the Teen Cockroach!

Writers: Bill Black, Mark G. Heike, Stephanie Heike,  Mark Holmes  and John Crowther
Artists: Rock Baker, Dell Barras, Riccardo Desini,  Dan Gorman,  Paolo Bodini, Jeff Austin, Scott Shriver and Mark Dail
Cover Artist: Will Meugniot (front cover), Dell Barras (back flip-cover)
Synopsis: The showdown with the villainess WAMPYR- and the ending you NEVER thought you’d see! Also- STORMY TEMPEST returns! TARA relives college days, STARDUST on Rur, and NIGHTVEIL  fights on Dhagor!!  Special FLIP-BOOK feature- a NEW kind of superheroine- ROCHELLE the TEEN COCKROACH!! By John Crowther, with art by DELL BARRAS!!!
Once the villainess WAMPYR sees the FEMFORCE as a threat, all bets are off and her long-range plan is quickly fast-tracked into a potential slaughter, so MS. VICTORY, SHE-CAT, SYNN, and the rest of the FF have no choice but to up THEIR ante to check the threat. But HOW do you stop an intelligent, motivated vampire with tremendous skills of sorcery? The conclusion will SHOCK you!!

Then, STORMY TEMPEST is back in the spotlight, fighting for her life as never before. But WHO is she fighting against? NIGHTVEIL continues her exile on Dark Dhagor, as she battles to free her mentor Azagoth and save his world, still without her greatest source of power, the Cloak of Darkness. Then, TWO great retro stories from the formative years of a pair of FF stars- STARDUST back in her Rurian days as Dr.. Mara, in the midst of action, intrigue and treachery set against the legendary RUR/KRONON war; and TARA in an offbeat adventure that has NOTHING to do with growing giant-sized !!


JCRochelleTTC_AC_COMICSBut hang on to your hats- after sixty spectacular pages of FEMFORCE action, this issue will have a special FLIP-BOOK feature starring a brand new kind of superheroine, never seen in print  ANYWHERE before!! From the fertile mind of dynamic writer/creator John Crowther, it’s ROCHELLE The TEEN COCKROACH!! Unlike anything ever seen in an AC Comic book, this distaff adolescent crimefighter COULD just take the comic book world by storm, with spectacular art by the legendary Dell Barras!! (Including a KNOCKOUT flip-cover by Dell on the back of the book) Be sure to get your copy of this issue #0 and grab a piece of comic book history!!



Golden Age Greats Spotlight


Writers: Otto Binder, Phil Sturm, Carl Formes, France Herron, C.C. Beck, Marc Swayze and other uncredited.
Artists: Mac Raboy, Kurt Schaffenberger, C. C. Beck, Harry Fiske, Carl Pfeufer, Jack Binder, Alex Blum, Emil Gershwin, Bud Thompson and Joe Certa.
Cover Artist: Unknown
Synopsis: Turning on the Fawcett!! ALL the great features from the legendary publisher of the 1940’s, including the ultra-rare MASTERMAN, DEVIL’s DAGGER and DAN DARE; MINUTE MAN,  SPY SMASHER, Mr. SCARLET, COMMANDO YANK,  IBIS,  Dr. VOODOO and other stars in quality full-story reprints! Art by Raboy, Schaffenberger, Beck, Binder, Pfeufer and more!!!

Comic fans of today have no conception of the fact that more than fifty years ago, the industry had another heavy-hitter, a major, big -time publisher as well-known and successful as DC, MARVEL, or ARCHIE- Fawcett Publications. Home of the character affectionately known as The Big Read Cheese and his “family”, the company produced a plethora of long-running stars , and this latest volume of GAG will celebrate the best and most interesting.

We’ve reprinted a fair volume of Fawcett material in the past,  in our Men of Mystery and America’s Greatest series’, as well as other titles, but this time we”re back at it with another 140 pages of never-previously-reprinted vintage gold combining old favorites  with more than a few “new” surprises from the Fawcett backlist. We’ll start with two real rarities from the earliest, pre-“Marvel” days, virtually never seen anywhere since 1940- MASTERMAN, Fawcett’s original answer to DC’s cavorting Kryptonian; and the mysterious, pulp-inspired DEVIL’S DAGGER. We’ll also throw in the two-fisted adventurer they called DAN DARE from those halcyon days as well. But that’s only the beginning, as we’ll also showcase some of the very best never-before-reprinted stories starring  the great  SPY SMASHER,  cover star  MINUTE MAN, Mr. SCARLET, COMMANDO YANK,  IBIS,  Dr. VOODOO,  GOLDEN ARROW,  and lots more surprises!!

A real treasure-trove of the very best artists ever to work in the industry, including, Mac Raboy, Kurt Schaffenberger, C. C. Beck, Carl Pfeufer,  Emil Gershwin, Jack Binder, Bud Thompson, Alex Blum and more. If you are interested in seeing some of the best-written and drawn material of comics’  Golden Age, GAG Spotlight Volume 16 is the book  for  you.- don’t miss it!!