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Femforce #173

Company Name: AC Comics Address: P.O. Box 394 Plymouth, Florida 32768-0394 Phone Number:(407)767-0199 Email Address: Title: Femforce Frequency: Quarterly Issue/Number 173 UPC Code: 799475804861-17311 Retail Price: $9.95 Discount: Maximum Discount 50% Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched Dimensions: 10″ X 6.50″ Page Count: 80 pages Color: Black and White (with color covers) Intended Audience: All ages Genre: Action/adventure/superhero/glamor Country of Origin: USA Ship Date: November 27, 2015 Writers: Stephanie Heike, Mark G. Heike, and Mark Holmes Artists: Rock Baker, Jeff Austin, Scott Shriver , Jacob Bear, Francesco Savi, Pedro Potier and Mark Dail. Cover Artist: Stephanie Heike and Jeff Austin Synopsis: Wedding Bells ring for FEMFORCE pal Roberta Strock, but when the groom ends up a suspicious figure out of Ms. VICTORY’ S past, the ceremony degenerates into a free-for-all!! On Dhagor, NIGHTVEIL’s war with the evil sorcerers ramps up- PLUS a “lost” tale of the BLACK PHANTOM in the Old West.

Special Notes: This issue ships in a 4:1 ratio of standard Stephanie Heike/Jeff Austin cover design to a Stephanie Heike AUTOGRAPHED version of that cover. (Meaning out of every FIVE copies of this book that are shipped, ONE will be personally autograped by cover penciler and AC Comics editor STEPHANIE SANDERSON at no extra cost!!.)


Not so long ago, The FEMFORCE had a US government liason that worked directly with them on a day-to-day basis: US Army General Roberta Strock. In recent years, Ms. Strock was offered a high-level cabinet post in the United States government. She resigned her military commission to accept that position. Some time before these events, Roberta HAD been engaged to a mysterious figure that only ONE member of the FF had ever met. Now retired from government service and ready to get on with her life, Roberta decides it’s time to go ahead with the wedding, and live happily ever after. At least that’s the PLAN. Consider this issue of FF your invitation to the social event of the season at AC- but just be ready to DUCK when they get to the “If anyone knows any reason why these two people should not be wed” part, in a story we are calling “Wedding Bell Blues”, written by Stephanie Heike and drawn by Rock Baker. Events presaged in this story will have far-reaching significance in a number of major plotlines that will play out in FF over the next several years. One charter member of the FF who will have to send a gift later will be NIGHTVEIL, who will MISS the wedding, stuck fighting for her life on the strange world known as Dark Dhagor. With her mentor Azagoth and the good people of Dhagor at the mercy of a cabal of evil sorcerers lead by the villainess VIVARNA, NV must wage a virtual one-woman war against their arcane oppression, while her own powers are at their lowest with the Cloak of Darkness nowhere to be found, in a tale written by Mark Heike and drawn by rising star Scott Shriver- once a top-flight inker, now soaring to new heights as an exciting, dynamic penciler!! There’s, a new role for the once-cantankerous RAD as- an undercover operative? What could possibly motivate her to undertake an assignment like this- and what old-time FF character will she tangle with along the way? Then, we’ll set the calendar BACKWARDS to 1876 and head out West for a previously-untold tale of The BLACK PHANTOM as BP finds herself smack dab in the middle of the question woman’s suffrage in a wild and wooly story written by Mark Holmes, and drawn by great new artistic discovery!! But that’s not ALL!! We will be offering a special STEPHANIE HEIKE autographed cover variant to those who pre-order their copies of FF #173 through their local comic shops. Out of every five copies of FF #173 sold through comic shops, ONE will be personally autographed by this issue’s cover penciler (and AC editor) STEPHANIE HEIKE!! You have enjoyed her art and writing on FF for many years, but we’ve NEVER made an issue of FF AUTOGRAPHED by her officially available before, so if you want one, be sure to make certain that your local comic book retailer orders at least FIVE copies of FF #173 so that he can get you one of the autographed variants. ( please note that this autographed variant promotion will NOT be available by mail, in the webstore, or anywhere else online. The only way to get it is through your local comic retailer. ) As always, FEMFORCE #173 will be a full 80 pages of great GOOD GIRL art comics and action; black and white with color covers, standard comic book size and saddle-stitched. Available at your local comic dealer in November, for $9.95.