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AC Amaze-O-Graph for 3/12/15

AC Comics May 2015 Previews for July 2015 ship


Crypt of Horror Volume 26

Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched Dimensions: 10″ X 6.50″ Page Count: 140 pages Color: Black and White (with color covers) Intended Audience: All ages Genre: horror/fantasy

Country of Origin: USA  Writers: Bill Woolfolk, Otto Binder, Earl Hammer, Jr; Joe Gill, Robert Bernstein and others uncredited Artists: George Evans, Jack Davis, Steve Ditko, Dick Ayers, Sheldon Moldoff, Ben Brown, Dave Gantz, Gene Colan, Joe Orlando, Pete Morisi and others uncredited Cover Artist: Unknown

Synopsis: More great 1950’s horror reprints! 24 full never before reprinted Precode scare stories! Special focus on Fawcett’s This Magazine Is Haunted; The Purple Claw, former EC greats, and the macabre art of Steve Ditko!! Other artists include George Evans, Sheldon Moldoff, Jack Davis, Joe Orlando, Gene Colan and Dick Ayers!

Special Notes: none

There’s a little something for every Pre-Code horror fan in Crypt of Horror Volume 26! Starting off with a trio of terror tales from the second issue of Fawcett’s classic title, This Magazine Is Haunted: “Green Hands of Terror” ( by future EC star George Evans), “The Weirdest Corpse of All Time” ( drawn by the godfather of great horror comics, Sheldon Moldoff), and “Death Flower”, the frights flow on with a pair of adventures from Minoan’s original psychic investigator, Dr. Jonathan Weir- The Purple Claw (from the third issue of his self-titled comic) “Giant From The Tomb” and “Death Flower”, both illustrated by the good doctor’s co-creators Ben Brown and Dave Gantz. Then, a special feature on the 1950’s art of Steve Ditko, with seven full stories including the classics “Valley In The Mist” and “The Confederate Girl”. Former EC stars are represented, with the Jack Davis tale “I Foiled An Enemy Invasion”; and Joe Orlando with “Barely Human” and two others, plus a pair of stories drawn by both Gene Colan and Dick Ayers. All this and a half dozen other chillers. 140 pages in all, crystal clear black and white with color covers, $29.95 fom AC Comics, coming in July 2015. That’s Crypt of Horror Volume 26- be sure to preorder your copy at your local comic book retailer.