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AC 6 13 14


Hi Folks!  Welcome to the new AC Amaze-O-Graph!

In lieu of an AC Comics newsletter, we’ll be running these occasional updates for you! Those of you on the newsletter will still be getting great news about Cult Retro and Bill’s DVDs, but the latest comics news will be right here!

First off,  If you’re looking for dvds, you can find them under Bill’s links on the “AC Comics Staff” page. Bill says Please no foreign orders on the DVDS–if you’re outside the Good Ol’ USA, this means you.

Here at AC Comics, we’re gonna have to raise the prices on the foreign shipping soon–so you might want to order some comics before we’re forced to raise postal rates.

Still working on lots of stuff (as you can probably tell) and some of it is not all there yet, but we have the AC phone working and comments re-enabled.

Oops! The new comments system is still transposing name and email. Don’t know how that happened. So switch email and name in the form when you post.


We’ve got a new issue of  Crypt of Horror, number  23  in the August 2014 Diamond Distribut ion Previews catalog for October 2014.

We at AC Comics like to think of ourselves as fairly knowledgable about vintage comics. Recognizing artists and their styles is an aquired skill, and a necessary part of presenting the rare reprint material that we do to a contemporary audience.

It’s always rewarding to find a new example of some great illustrator’s style; to see an old favorite on a previously-undiscovered tale- and this issue includes plenty, like the great Everett Raymond Kintsler on “The Ghost’s Revenge”, the underrated Mort Lawrence on “The Thirteenth Clown”, or even solid Vince Alascia on “Better Off Dead”- all reprinted this issue from Avon Publications’  Witchcraft #3. Likewise, Robert McCarty on “The Haunting White Shadow” and the team of Art Gates and Ed Moline on “The Dry Doom”, both from Fawcett’s excellent Beware Terror Tales #3.

Or, all-time top stylists like Steve Ditko on “The Supermen” and Bob Powell on “The Train That Wasn’t There”- great work by greats we know. What REALLY fires OUR enthusiasm, though; is finding hitherto-unknown comic book gems done by creators that even WE don’t know- and THIS book is chock full of them!! Included in that group is the entire contents of Superior Comics’ Journey Into Fear #16- a quartet of weird, off-the-wall Pre-Code beauties titled “Death By Invitation”, “Demons Of The Deep”, “The Stolen Corpse” and “The Monster’s Revenge”. If you’ve enjoyed the sublime creepiness that is Superior Comics material in recent issues of COH, you’ll LOVE this stuff! Then, from Avon’s Witchcraft #3- “The Red Spider”, Fawcett’s Beware-Terror Tales #3- “Death’s Round Trip”; a pair from St. Johns’ Weird Horrors #2; “Violin Of Death” and “The Dancing Lights Of Kula”; from Ace Comics’ Web Of Horror, “The Monster They Couldn’t Kill” and “The Moulder Of Doom”, and from Ajax-Farrell, “The Intruder” and “To A Waiting Doom”. It’s not that these stories are not gripping or well-drawn- many of them ARE- it’s just that as of this writing, the creators who crafted them remain as mysterious as the plots of the stories themselves.

If you are looking for the very weird, esoteric and hard-to-find in 1950’s horror comics, Crypt of Horror #23 is THE book for you!! 140 pages of full-story, crisp black and white reprints of ’50’s horror comics inside a great color Basil Wolverton cover, for only $29.95, coming from AC Comics in October, 2014.

Those header pencils are a sneak preview for Femforce 168, which is in the July  2014 Diamond Distribut ion Previews catalog which’ll be winging it’s way to you this September.

Keep checking here at AC COMICS.COM for all the AC News that’s Awesomely Cool!

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  1. Based on your question, I’m assuming you didn’t know we’ve had an AC Comics email newsletter for about five yearrs. The last one went out a few weeks ago. After producing one for all that time, we finally had to take a good, hard look at it and admit that it was not successfully fulfilling the need it was created for, so we decided to drop it.

    Exactly the same type of info that had gone into the newsletter will be appearing here at the official AC site in the form of Amaze-O-Graph updates, so any time you want the latest AC news, all you have to do is come here.

    If you are a big fan of email newsletters in general, you can always go to, the website run by our Editor Emeritus, Bill Black. He is maintaining a newsletter., and you should be ablen to sign up for it there Bill may mention AC Comics news in it from time to time (especially relating to FEMFORCE stories he may be writing/drawing ), but it exists mainly to promote his original live-action films, original art sales, store and eBay store and auctions. The ONLY place to get the latest news on AC Comics is right here at

  2. Like this new update format .
    very much looking for ward to the new Crypt of Horror re print described in this article . I particularly like this series This one looks like another winner.
    All my knowledge and appreciation of the Golden Age material has come from reading your comics and articles . They never fail to entertain and inform and educate . I really like that.
    Thank you again for bringing us so much great product.

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