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AC Amaze-O-Graph for 8/6/14

Graph for 8/6/14! AC COMICS PRODUCT FOR October 2014 shipping for December 2014.













Men of Mystery #95 Writers: Bill Woolfolk,Ed Cronin,  Gardner Fox, Robert Bernstein, Paul Berdnier, Robert Turner and others uncredited Artists: Reed Crandall, Joe Kubert, Bob Powell, John Belfi, George Wilhelms, Ben Brown, Dave Gantz, Larry Antoinette, Mart Bailey, Elmer Stoner, Fred Methot, Al Carreno, Jim Chambers,  and Frank Thomas Cover Artist: Lou Fine Synopsis:  Seventeen Golden Age heroes, including The FLAME, DOLLMAN, PHANTASMO, The DART , ZEBRA and The OWL, esoteric back-ups  ATOMIC MAN, PURPLE CLAW, MICROFACE, DYNAMO, TABU and Mr. E; plus MOM first-timers SPARKMAN, DOC STRANGE and The VOICE-  in full-story reprints. Artists include Joe Kubert,  Reed Crandall and Bob Powell. Taking a break from MOM’s recent spate of “themed” issues, Men of Mystery #95 will be a  fascinating mixed bag of rarities from the 1940’s.  Inside an awe-inspiring  Lou Fine cover, Fox Features star The FLAME ignites in a rare, pre-war story from Wonder World Comics #20, illustrated by Larry Antoinette, who did more FLAME tales than any other artist. Then,  Quality  Comics’ standard-bearer DOLLMAN takes the stage in a Reed Crandall-illustrated classic originally seen in Feature Comics pitting the Mighty Mite against the sultry, sexy Queen of the Ants!! Standard/Nedor’s answer to Doc Savage, the Alosun-powered DOC STRANGE destroys Axis airplanes, ships and subs to save Amercican freedoms, while PHANTASMO concludes his long-running adventure by taking down some river pirates. (Has anyone noticed that the PHANTASMO stories running in MOM over the last year-and-half have been an ongoing continuity? This issue wraps that up.) Caius Martius Wheeler was a Romam chariot-racer brought into modern (well, 1940) times. He adopted a green and yellow costume (and a kid sidekick) and fought crime as The DART. See him here in a story originally published in Weird Comics #7. Wheeler’s Weird compatriot, the electrial-bolt throwing DYNAMO is here, too- not to mention the ONLY superhero proud enough of having served a stint in prison to make STRIPES a part of his costume- The ZEBRA. Artist/writer Frank Thomas later distinguished himself as a top-flight funny animal artist, but in this issue of MOM, you can see his “take” on a slightly-wacky costumed hero known as The OWL. Scientist Adam Mann gained extraordinary powers through exposure to radiation and became ATOMIC MAN. We’d previously run ONE ATOMIC MAN story, here’s an earlier one where he is sporting his original costume, which make him look as if he and Caius Martius Wheeler might’ve gotten along pretty well.  Doctor Jonathan Weir, The PURPLE CLAW has been an AC mainstay for years, both in our reprint books and in new material as we revived him for the AC/Femforce Universe. We THOUGHT we’d reprinted all of his original Minoan Publishing stories years ago- but we just unearthed one hitherto unknown,and you’ll see it this issue. What can be said about TABU, MICROFACE and Mr. E that hasn’t been said before? All are weird, but interesting- and will be in MOM #95. Never-previously-seen in MOM ( or anywhere else since the 1940’s, for that matter), but featured this issue are The SPARKMAN- yet another electrically-charged do-gooder; the invisible operative known only as The VOICE; and a hero SO cheap that his entire costumed motif consists of an ugly green rubber fright mask- The FACE. The concept sounds bad, but most of the stories (written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Mart Bailey) were really pretty good. All this, and Bob Powell’s superb MAN In BLACK, too. ALL this in Men of Mystery #95, coming in December, from AC Comics. Remember,  If you’re looking for dvds, you can find them under Bill’s links on the “AC Comics Staff” page. Bill says Please no foreign orders on the DVDS–if you’re outside the Good Ol’ USA, this means you. Keep checking here at AC COMICS.COM for all the AC News that’s Awesomely Cool!