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AC Amaze-O-Graph for July 13 14

Hi folks!


We’ve got a couple of news items:


Femforce # 169 will be in the upcoming Diamond Previews.


 Writers: Bill Black, Mark G. Heike, Stephanie Heike, Mark  Holmes, and Rock Baker
Artists: Rock Baker, Riccardo Desini, Jeff Austin, Scott Shriver, Toni Doya and Mark Dail
Cover Artists: Will Meugniot Standard cover, Paolo Bodini Alternate cover.


As the FF clear the LA streets of CIANOSE DJAB’s zombie hordes, vampire queen WAMPYR decides she must act before our heroines can uncover her plan for world domination. Plus- solo stories starring SYNN, TARA back in her college days, and SHE-CAT encountering a pair of faces from the past.


 Ships with TWO covers in an approximate 4-to-1 ratio, 4 with the Will Meugniot Wampyr-Vampire Queen cover (cover A) and 1 with the She-Cat and Nightveil painted design by Paolo Bodini (cover B).


Up until now the villainous team of WAMPYR and CIANOSE DJAB have worked their evil plots to gain ultimate power in the greatest secrecy, manipulating people and events behind the scenes to amass an economic and political power base. However, when the time-displaced zombiemaster DJAB’s paranoia and lust lead him to make a critical mistake in trusting former villainess UMBRA, his hidden army of mindless hordes is uncovered, and dispenesd with by MS. VICTORY, SYNN, SHE-CAT, TARA and STARDUST. WAMPYR’s plan is severly crippled by DJAB’s combination of betrayal and incompetence, and the fact that the FEMFORCE are so close to her operation will force her hand in dealing with them. The problem for the FF here is this- WAMPYR knows the FF may be a major threat to her ambitions and prepares to take them out- while the FF is completely unaware of WAMPYR as a serious threat.


Will the vampire queen blindside the FF with a near-fatal attack? An extra-length FEMFORCE lead extravaganza brings this long-running plotline up to full speed and high drama. Then, a number of strong back-up tales starring our FF heroines in solo action, including SYNN; SHE-CAT dealing with not one but TWO characters out of the dim, dark past; TARA FREMONT relating an adventure from her college days when SHE temporarily adopted a “secret identity”, and more surpises. We may even have room for another DINOSAUR GIRL episode!! This issue ships with TWO different cover options- a “standard” FF- versus Wampyr, the Vampire Queen cover version by comics and animation great Will Meugniot, and a special painted She-Cat and Nightveil design by Italian comic artist and painter Paolo Bodini. If you want to be certain of getting the Paolo Bodini painted cover variant, be sure that your local retailer orders enough copies- and keep in mind that ordering through Diamond is the ONLY way to receive this variant. Femforce #169; 80 pages of all-new contemporary “good girl art” action and adventure, coming in November 2014.


Plus,  Men of Mystery # 93 will be shipping to comic shops in August!

Men of Mystery 93 cover art