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AC Amazo-O-Graph for 1/12/15



Femforce #171








Company Name: AC Comics
Address: P.O. Box 394 Plymouth, Florida 32768-0394
Phone Number:(407)767-0199
Email Address:
Title: Femforce
Frequency: Quarterly
Issue/Number 171
UPC Code: 799475804861-17111
Retail Price: $9.95
Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched
Dimensions: 10″ X 6.50″
Page Count: 80 pages
Color: Black and White (with color covers)
Intended Audience: All ages
Genre: Action/adventure/superhero/glamor
Country of Origin: USA
Ship Date: May 25, 2015
Writers:Mark G. Heike, Stephanie Heike, Eric Johnson ,Chad Halcom and Mark Holmes.
Artists: Dell Barras, Rock Baker, Francesco Savi, Dan Gorman, John Sowder, Jeff Austin, Scott Shriver and Mark Dail.
Cover Artist: Stephanie Heike  and Mark Heike(standard cover A); and Eric Theriault, Mark Heike and Stephanie Heike (variant cover B)
Synopsis: The FEMFORCE battle Ms. VICTORY herself in “Evil At Center Stage!” SHE-CAT’s personal life is complicated by Mike (SCARLET SCORPION) McCluskey written by Stephanie Heike, while TARA FREMONT runs afoul of a disgruntled gold-digger in “Trophy Wife”. Plus- NIGHTVEIL on Dark Dhagor; The BLUE BULLETEER and more !!

Special Notes: Ships with TWO covers in an approximate 4-to-1 ratio, 4 with the Stephanie & Mark Heike “Ms. V slugs Synn” cover (cover A) and 1 with the Eric Theriault/ Mark & Stephanie Heike “Tara and Ms. V in the jungle” (cover B).


Also: Since May is Female Comic Creators Month at Diamond, we will point out that AC Executive Editor Stephanie Heike (writer, penciller, inker, colorist–best known for her creator owned series, 21st Centurions) will be scripting a key story in the FF continuity of SHE-CAT and SCARLET SCORPION as well as having been part of the art team on both the standard cover and the variant cover of FF #171.

An awesome NEW menace, BLOOD MOON turns Ms. VICTORY against the rest of the team- but who IS the sinister “sorcerer”, and what TWO deadly threats out of AC’s long past does he represent? Even long-time AC readers will never guess. Find out this issue in “Evil At Center Stage”, written by Chad Halcom and illustrated by exciting new discovery Francesco Savi, in the continuation/conclusion of a storyline teased in FF #170. Of all the FF members, TARA FREMONT is the least likely to have trouble with a jealous wife. But when that wife blames TARA for her husband’s incarceration, her bitterness drives her to create a deadly scenario where TARA CANNOT grow giant-sized but must do the she-devil’s’ bidding in “Trophy Wife”, written by fan favorite Mark Holmes. Then, former boyfriend Mike (The SCARLET SCORPION) McCluskey gets the wrong idea when SHE-CAT seeks him out for a heart-to-heart talk about events that occured back in FF #169 written by Stephanie Heike. All this and more surprises than you can shake a stick at, including the debut of the NEW FEMFORCE cover logo!! Be aware that this issue of FEMFORCE ships with TWO different cover options- a “standard” “Ms. V slugs Synn” cover version by Stephanie and Mark Heike and a special “Tara and Ms. V in the jungle” design by Eric Theriault, inked by the Heikes and colored by Stephanie Heike. If you want to be certain of getting the Theriault/Heike cover variant, be sure that your local retailer orders enough copies- and keep in mind that ordering through Diamond is the ONLY way to receive this variant. Femforce #171; 80 pages of all-new contemporary “good girl art” action and adventure, coming in May 2015