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UPDATE: 3/29/20 AC Still Corona Free in Florida!

UPDATE: 3/29/20

Hey Folks! It’s beautiful and sunny in Florida! We are still here and still healthy!  Comic book orders can still go out Monday-Friday.


If you’re wondering, we’re still Corona free in Florida! We at AC Comics are staying in and ever busy, working away on comics for you!

We are still shipping comics to Diamond and filling a few website orders, so it’s business as usual for us–just the outside world that’s different.

Do we NEED to add–support your local comic shops! They are open right now! They have gloves and hand sanitizers! Others now have curbside service where you don’t even have to get out of your car!

We prefer that you buy AC Comics from your retailers–whether they are on-line or local shops.

Some people who waited to “buy direct” from us–have been upset at the higher prices on the shop. We have to –because those are comics that we paid for TWICE–once to print and once to buy from our local comic shop.

We are all are better off when you pre-order our AC comic books!