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America’s Greatest Comics 12

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King Kirby in the 1950’s is the theme this issue, with reprints and articles covering this lesser-chronicled era of Jack’s work. Start off with a text overview of The King’s work at Harvey, Mainline, et al; dovetailing into Kirby Way Out West, delving into his ’50’s work on various cowboy titles. Then, a full-length reprint of yet another adventure of his little-seen frontier opus, Davy Crockett- this one titled “Running Fight”. Then, another article; National Nightmares- Kirby Style; covering Jack’s DC Comics work on their horror/SF/fantasy titles of the era, then it’s onto The Stuntman Revival coverage, including a Bill Black -inked version of the last page of the unpublished (and uninked, for that matter) Stuntman story,” Jungle Lord”. Then, it’s adventure on other worlds with another full-story reprint- this time, starring The Three Rocketeers in “The Great Moon Mystery”, penciled by Jack and inked by Al Williamson, followed by war-torn action from the Korean Conflict with “Sitting Duck”, another complete story drawn by Jack, with inks by Frank Giacoia; horror/fantasy (originally published in Prize Comics’ Black Magic title) “After I’m Gone”and “Angel of Death”, both full-story reprints inked by Joe Simon. The book is 52 pages; black and white with color covers; standard comic book size & format, and printed in 2005.