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America’s Greatest Comics 14

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Special “Focus On Fiction House” issue, celebrating the great “good girl art”, pulp-inspired comic books of that venerable publisher from the 1940’s!! First off, it’s cover feature TIGER GIRL in a top-flight Matt Baker-drawn story originally published in Fight Comics #50, in June of 1947. Then, it’s GALE ALLEN and the GIRL SQUADRON, straight out of Planet Comics, as they battle an evil scientist named Izmet to free the kingdom of Margravia. Then, go South of the border with Fight Comic’s SENORITA RIO, in a story drawn by lady artist Lily Renee, as the sexy senorita teams up with the mysterious Man in the Golden Mask to fight Nazi fifth-columnists to keep the elections in El Greco honest. Then, it’s back to the archives of Planet Comics for a Fran Hopper-illustrated adventure featuring MYSTA of the MOON, as the Lunar Lass matches wits with the villainous Gor, who has created a mindless & obedient army to do his bidding on the planet Ares- by growing them like plants- from SEED!! Then, it’s out to the steamy jungles of Jungle Comics, as artist Maurice Whitman contributes a story of jungle lord KA’ANGA (and his sultry mate, Ann), as they mix it up with evil tribesman & white troublemakers looking to use a plague epidemic to stir up trouble with the Lonkalo tribe. Finally, rocket into space once again with FUTURA, from Planet Comics, in a classic episode of her long-running battle with the Cymradian villain, Mentor. All full-story reprints, using the best-quality reproduction process in the industry. 52 pages, black & white with color covers, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2006.