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America’s Greatest Comics 2

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Comicdom’s top Golden Age anthology is back, with a plethora of high-quality reprints to satisfy every taste! If you like superheroes, there’s Bob Powell’s Strongman, in “The Deluge”. Western’s your bag? We’ve got Dick Ayer’s original Ghost Rider, The Haunted Horseman in “The Man From Scotland Yard” Horror fans will love Harry Lazarus’ simulated 3D art on “The Wolpire”, and Steve Ditko’s spooky Mysterious Traveler in “Above The Topmost Peak”. Historical adventure in the colonial days comes via White Indian in “The Trail of the Traitor”, illustrated by none other than Frank Frazetta, and Good Girl art fans get a double treat, with that sensual siren Mysta of the Moon , as illustated by Don Cameron, versus the evil Karrin, and international intrigue in Senorita Rio and “The Vapors of Madness!” (drawn by Jack Kamen!!) Reprising the best material of the 1940’s and ’50’s, from comics publishers like Fiction House, Magazine Enterprises, Charlton and ACG, in beautiful full-story reprints. 52 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic book format. Printed in 2002.