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America’s Greatest Comics 5

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Another cavalcade of comic’s best creators of the 1940’s and ’50’s, at work on a variety of story genres. Originally published by Avon Periodicals, Joe Kubert illustrates the eerie sci-fi/ horror thriller, “Map of Doom . Wally Wood and Joe Orlando team up to illustrate the Captain Science adventure, “The Insidious Doctor Khartoum,” from Youthful Magazines. Then, originally seen in Fiction House Comics’ Wings; it’s Jane Martin, masterfully drawn by the incomparable George Evans, followed by a Charlton S-F shorty by Steve Ditko, “Adrift in Space”. John Buscema does the honors on a Western tale of the Desert Hawk entitled “Wheel of Fortune”, from St. John Pubs; Bill Ward is reprised from his Quality Comics days with a madcap laugh-riot starring Torchy, and Mort Meskin illustrates the inexplicable “The House That Tried To Kill Me”, from Prize Comics. Black and white with a color cover; 48 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 2003.