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Americomics 3

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Ted Kord is the Blue Beetle- but before him was another who passed the mantle onto Ted, his old college roomate, Dan Garret. When Kord’s mentor seems to have returned from the dead, Ted can’t begin to suspect the imposter is really a robot that had been designed by his equally-deceased mad uncle.”Return To Pago Island” is written and drawn by Rik Levins, and inked by Bill Black, and features both versions of the character, as published by Charlton in the ’60’s. Then- even before Charlton, there was a ‘Beetle. Published by Fox Features, back in the Golden Age of comics. When mysterious, unnamed gods believe the Earth needs just such a defender once again, they return the Original Blue Beetle to life, this time to save the life of the Ted Kord incarnation from kidnapping gangsters. “To Live Again” is plotted and pencilled by Leo Laney, scripted by Neal Stannard, and inked by Bill Black. It stars the Original Beetle, resplendant in his chain mail costume, drawn in a style very much like late ’60’s Jack Kirby. Finally, The Shade returns in “The Night Has A Thousand Screams”. When parapalegic artist Roger Brant is tortured by visions of death, his spirit must go forth at night as The Shade, and try to avert the bloodshed. An actress blackmailed by a photographer turns to murder, a gang of thugs open fire on a crowded street, and a million other voices in torment cry out to him for help, and The Shade must silence them or go mad. Written and layed out by Bill Black, drawn by Rik Levins and inked by Willie Blyberg. Full color covers by Pat Broderick and Rik Levins, this book is full color throughout, on glossy paper. Standard comic book format Printed in 1983.