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Americomics 5

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Oceanus One is an experimental underwater city, designed to be self-sufficient even if nuclear holocaust wiped out the surface world. A virtual paradise, it should be free of all the evil that plagues the dry land places of the world, but it’s not. A mysterious entity known as The Hood is bent on it’s destruction, Can even Captain Freedom, the laboratory-grown peak of human potential , keep The Hood from snuffing out the citie’s power source in “To Steal A Sun”, written by Bill Black and Neal Stannard, with art by Vic Bridges. This picks up where Cap’s intro story in Americomics #1 left off, and marks the first AC assignment for the very Byrne-esque artist, Vic Bridges. It guest stars Commodore Faraday. Later, Captain Freedom comes face to face with the villainous Hood as Oceanus’ underwater sun heads toward critical meltdown, and learns his…er, her true identity in “To Save This Sun… To Save This City”, written by Black and Stannard, with art by Don Lomax and Vic Bridges. Then, when the hideously reptilian Vardax hordes overrun the tech-state Altrannas, there is no one left to fight- save science tech Page Connors. Altrannian scientist Dr. Zan has no choice but to put Page into his dimensional converter, and change him into… Commando D. No longer restricted by the three physical dimensions of height, width and depth, the flying, fighting dynamo is sent to earth as his homeworld is destroyed. How can even he know that the Vardax are soon to follow. The origin of this character that will soon go on to be a charter member of AC’s coed super group, The Sentinels Of Justice. “The Coming Of Commando D” is written by Bill Black, and illustrated by Kevin (Moonknight) Dzuban. This book has full color covers by Pat Broderick and Bill Black and Mike Machlan, with full color on glossy paper throughout, Standard comic book format. Printed in 1983.