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Americomics 1

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First issue of this pioneering indy anthology! Journey beyond the veil of dreams with the mystical being known as The Shade, as he enters the dreams of an innocent girl to prevent a murder, in “Dreamwalker”. The origin and first appearance of this landmark character, written and drawn by Bill Black. Then, the planet Toru houses a very skilled group of intergalactic policemen known as slayers- follow the exploit of one such policeman on the planet Earth in “The Slayer” written by Craig Zablo, drawn by John Beatty, and inked by Jerry Ordway. First and only color appear ance of this unique super hero created by two of comicdoms’ greats. Then, Meet Captain Freedom and The Liberty Corps. Every contry needs a superhero of there own, and the Liberty Corps is the place to get them. Find out what an undersea city has to do with averting the Earth’s destruction as Cap takes a journey through the sea depths to… “Oceanus One” written and drawn by Bill Black. First appearance of Captian Freedom. Great Shade cover by George Perez. All color throughout, on glossy paper. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1983.