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Captain Paragon 4

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Cap and Dusty finally finish off the Kronons, in “Battleground At Galaxy’s End”, by Dan St. John, Greg Guler and Kevin (Moonknight) Dzuban. Then, a special Commando D featurette as D-man and Danny Brant encounter the alien Vardax, in “Beachhead”, by Tom Kokenge, Kevin Dzuban and Bill Black.(Features the death of Dorna, and Danny suggesting the formation of the Sentinels Of Justice.One panel cameos of Atomman and Ms. Victory, of the Femforce.; one-page Space Ark strip as part of an ad, by Ken Mitchroney.) Color cover by Greg Guler and Jerry Ordway; color and black and white interiors, 52-page comic book format. Printed in 1985.