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Captain Wings 1

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Fiction House’s all-star aviator returns in a pair of classic tales of high-flying, two fisted action straight out of post-war issues of Wings Comics, pitting the blonde-haired, square-jawed flyer against his most memorable menace- Mr. Atlantis.” The World Wreckers” has Mr. Atlantis highjacking an experimental moon rocket, in an attempt to start World War III, with art by Bob(Long Sam) Lubbers. And in the sequel, (untitled) Atlantis fails in his attempt to kidnap areospace big brain, Dr. Szkyzk, also by Lubbers. Besides lots of action, both stories are filled with great “good girl art” in the leggy Lubbers style. This issue also starts out with a newly-drawn framing sequence, with ‘Wings in contemporary times, narrating the stories. It guest-stars Paragon, The Scarlet Scorpion, and Commando D, and is by Bill Black and Mark Heike. Color cover,also by Bob Lubbers, with interiors black and white with graytones. 6″ X 81/2″ compact comic size. Printed in 1994.