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Crime Comics 1

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BACK IN STOCK!!Crime Comics #1 6.95 Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the “crime” genre in comics, AC brings you a grisly platter of pre-Code crime sprees!! These are true cases ripped from the pages of Charles Biro’s phenomenally successful title, Crime Does Not Pay, plus other Golden Age publications!! Witness the blood-soaked career of Baby Face Nelson!! Quiver at the vicious “Queen of the Waterfront Gangs”, by Joe Kubert! Watch as “Big Wheel” gets blasted by Mort Meskin!! “The Burner” gets his comeupance from Alex Toth!! Can crime find refuge in “Hideaway Town”, built by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby? Keep a shocking date with “The Electric Chair and the Murderess!”; wired by Fred Kida and Bob Fuje! Plus, something special: “Highway Pirates”, in which artist Marvin Stein draws the protagonist, private eye Steve Mace, in the likeness of Mort Meskin!!! Tender tales from top talents that are NOT approved by the Comics Code. 52 pages, standard comic book format, blasck and white with color covers. Printed in 2002.