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Crypt of Horror Sale!!

What with our move earlier in 2014, and the day to day hassle of keeping up with our publishing schedule, we haven’t had time to run ANY kind of a sale on the AC web store in almost a year, but starting right now and running for a limited time only, we are putting the first 22 issues of our acclaimed Pre-Code horror reprint anthology CRYPT OF HORROR on sale on the web shop. Normally retailing at $29.95 per copy, CRYPT Of HORROR 1-22 are now available for only $19.95 each!! That’s a savings of $10.00 per issue, a DISCOUNT of almost 1/3 off !! Take advantage of this GREAT deal now to get BIG SAVINGS on back-issues! (They make great gift items for the horror fan on your Christmas shopping list!) We’re not sure HOW long we’ll run this sale, so buy now while it lasts. We might ALSO point out that we have been intending to raise our shipping rates on the AC shop for some time, but we have NOT gotten to that yet. So if you act NOW, you not only save on the price of the books themselves, BUT you’ll pay less for postage then you will once we get our rates bumped up in line with current USPS costs. For those of you overseas customers, this can make a considerable difference in the costs on even a small order. So, if you’ve been meaning to catch up issues of COH that you missed, NOW is the time to do it, while the sale is on and the shipping is low. (Please note that this is an AC web shop sale ONLY. If you want to get the great COH prices, you must order on the AC shop and pasy via PayPal, Mastercard, Visa or American Express. Mail orders, cash and phone orders at these sale prices will not be honored.)