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Crypt Of Horror Volume 21- Coming in April, 2014!!

Crypt of Horror, Volume 21 cover art

Crypt of Horror, Volume 21 cover artRare material is the order of the day in Volume 21, AC Comics latest offering in it’s acclaimed Crypt of Horror vintage horror comic reprint series, scheduled for release in April, 2014. This chock-full-of-creepy treasure trove starts off with virtually full-issue reprints of several of the hardest to find Pre-Code horror comics of the era. Sterling Comics was a publisher that flourished brieifly during the 1950’s, putting out a number of titles across a variety of genres. Mike Sekowsky was Sterling’s top artist, involved in almost all of their books. Thgis issue, we’ll be spotlighting a trio of moody and macabre Sterling stories- “Gold Has No Conscience”, “Best Seller” and “Trick Or Treat”; the last of these illustated by Sekowsky. Quality Comics’ Web Of Evil comic  has been featured previously in COH, yet another (never previously reprinted) full issue is presented here with four stories- “The Moulder Of Doom”, “Buried Alive”, “The Monster They Couldn’t Kill”, and “The Face From Hell”. Pulp giant Standard had steady success throughout the 1940’s with their line of superhero comics; as the 1950’s dawned, they jumped onto the horror bandwagon with several scaries, including the moody “The Unseen.” From that title comes “The Helmsman”, illustrated by George Tuska. Other top 1950’s horror artists are represented this issue, including Bob Powell with a pair of spooky adventures, “Fade Out”, and “The Train That Wasn’t There”; Steve Ditko with “The Supermen” and “My Secret”, and Bernard Krigstein with “They Wait Below”. Other stories this issue, from publishers including Charlton, Prize, Harvey and ACG, are “Two Ways To Die”, “The Pale Light of Death”, “Book Of Vengence”, “The Lost Souls”, “The Man Who Wasn’t There”, “The Ugly Dummy Named Oswald Foop”, “The Weird Wager’, “The Grave Robbers”, “Please Let This Be A Nightmare”, and “The Spectral Sister”. Other artists showcased will include  Dick Ayers, Howard Nostrand, George Klein and Goerge Wilhelms.  As per usual, it will be a full 140 pages in black and white, with a full color cover – this issue an awesomw painting by the great Bob Powell!!  Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched,  for only $29.95!! A Pre-Code horror fan’s dream- that’s Crypt Of Horror Volume 21, coming in April, from AC Comics. Look for it in the February, 2014 issue of Diamond Previews (Volume 24, #305- for items shipping in April, 2014) and be sure to place your order with your local retailer.