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Crypt of Horror Volume 22- Coming in July 2014

Crypt of Horror Volume 22 cover art

Crypt of Horror Volume 22 cover artTop horror artists are back in the spotlight for Crypt of Horror Volume 22, as some of the 1950’s finest purveyors of macabre material will be on display in this edition of THE top Pre-Code horror reprint anthology in all of comicdom. First off, just inside the unforgettable painted cover by pulp legend Norman Saunders (which originally appeared as the cover of the 10Th issue of Fawcett Comics’ Worlds of Fear), a trio of tales from Sterling Publications that got squeezed out of an earlier issue- “Trick Or Treat” (with art by Mike Sekowsky), “Gold Has No Conscience” and “Maxies’ Last Fight”. Ajax-Farrel/’s bizarre Strange Fantasy title is represented by a trio of odd stories: “Strange Dateline”, “How To Be A Gracious Ghost” and “His Long, Strange Journey”. Actually, none of these three are illustrated by big-name artists, but they are so…bizarre, we HAD to include them! Other all-star art contributions this issue include “Suppressed Desire” by Bernie Krigstein, “The Flying Head” by Jon Blummer, “Fenton’s Face” by Gene Colan, “Ed’s Young Wife” by Ben Brown and Dave Gantz,”Under The Knife” by Tony DiPreta, “Spectres Of The Dam” by Paul Cooper, “Bride Of Doom” by Jay Disbrow and “He Who Laughs Last Gets Horselaugh” by Joe Certa. Other vintage classics this issue include “Only Evil Need Fear The Boogeyman”, “The Ghost’s Revenge”, “Five Found Death”, “Belt Of Evil”, “The Man Who Tried To Live Forever”, “Haunted Hamlet”, “White Bones” and “Goodbye Forever”. Everything needed to get a Pre-Code horror fan’s pulse racing- Crypt Of Horror Volume 22, 140 pages of crisp, clean Pre-Code horror full-story reprints in black and white with full color covers. Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched- coming in July,2014 from AC Comics,priced at $29.95.Look for it in the May, 2014 Diamond Previews catalog, and be sure to preorder your copy with your favorite comics retailer.