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Don Winslow : Trouble Shooter 1

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Frank V. Martinec’s creation ,the U. S. Navy’s top troubleshooter is here in all his glory in this great reprint special from the halcyon days of his Fawcett Publications series of the 1940’s. See Don and his sidekick Red Pennington break up a smuggler’s ring while temporarily(?) assigned to the Coast Guard in “Destination Danger”, by the classic DW art team of Carl Pfuefer and John Jordan. Then, Don and Red find themselves in exotic Turkey, on the trail of some purloined secret documents in “Uninvited Death”, also by Pfuefer and Jordan. Then, it’s off to Arabia, where Don and Red go under cover as natives to track down a spy in “The Fatal Disguise” , by Pfuefer and Jordan; then on to India, where the dynamic duo in white break up a band of thieves preying on Navy men on shore leave , in an untitled story, again by Pfuefer and Jordan. Plus, a special guest story by Don’s seagoing comrade out of the pages of Whiz Comics, Lance O’Casey, as he and his buddy, Mike Bellew solve the mystery of “The Bandit Birds”.See the comic book adventures that inspired two Universal movie serials,(starring Don Terry) and a successful radio show- Don Winslow- Trouble Shooter. Black and white cover by Bill Black (after Pfuefer and Jordan ) ,and interiors, standard comic book format. Printed in 1991.