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Fabulous Fun Comics 1

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THIS BOOK IOS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! A rare, NEVER CIRCULATED Roy Rogers premium produced in conjunction with the Hardee’s chain of fast-food restaurants.!!! In 1990, Hardee’s contracted with AC to produce this comic and activity book that was to be given away at their stores nation wide, to promote the Roy Rogers brand fried chicken they were to sell in there restaraunts.It features the first NEW Roy Rogers comic book story produced anywhere since the 1950’s, wherein Roy and Dale Evans interrupt a public appearance (promoting the food at a Hardee’s, of course) to stop a bank robbery. See Roy on horseback chase down the gun-toting badhats in a sedan, then rope ’em like steers!! All in full color! Plus, a color-it-yourself black and white centerspread featuring Roy on the back of a rearing-up Trigger (in front of Hardee’s), games and puzzles. Originally intended to introduce a kid’s club publication series, Hardee’s unfortuneatly cancelled the whole project at the last minute- but provided a few copies of the printed book to the AC staff. A limited number are available for sale, but they will not last long, and may sell out without further notice. Fabulous Fun Comics #1 is a 16-page full color, self-cover comic activity book, with a color Roy Rogers cover by Bill Black, and a rollicking Roy and Dale comic story written by Bill Black, with art by Mark Heike and Bill Black. Standard comic book size. Printed in 1990.