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Femforce 10

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Our scene shifts to Tara Fremont’s Jungle Island, where the beleagured Femforce is temporarily quartered. When an alien spacecraft crashlands in the island’s lagoon, it brings not only the FF, but the evil scientist Dr. Rivits and his mob. When the not-quite-dead occupant of the spaceship raises hell and flies away, he leaves a little memento in the hands of our heroines. “A Day In The Life Of A Jungle Girl”, Written , layed out and inked by Bill Black, and pencilled by Darren Goodhart. Guest starring Janice Lawson. As a special bonus, this issue features a reprint of a Golden Age adventure of Camilla, the Fiction House jungle girl, from Jungle Comics #102, June, 1948; with art by Matt Baker. Color cover by Bill Black, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1987.