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Femforce 13

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Without her bond to Joan Wayne, She-cat is becoming increasingly more unstable and cat-like. Tom Kelly pays a visit to Jennifer Wayne-Burke, (Ms. V.’s daughter) to suggest that she replace her mother as a government-sponsored paranormal. Rad returns home to her old stomping grounds, to find Tara laying in wait to ambush her, and somehow, that vigilante-turned-madman the Black Commando is free. When Nightveil appears before the strung-out She-cat, it is as the mindless puppet of Alizarin Crimson. And no matter how big her guns are, Colt can do nothing to solve any of these crisis’. Guest starring David and Jason Burke.”Step Out And Away”, written by Wes Covington, drawn by Don Secrease, and inked by John Dell and Bill Koch. Color cover by Bill Black, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1988.