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Femforce 14

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Using Nightveil as her puppet, the witch Alizarin Crimson systematically decimates the Femforce. First, she captures Tara, then destroys the Fremont Building in downtown Orlando, and frames the FF as the perpetrators. The Shade tries to intervene, to no avail. Jennifer Burke’s resolve starts to falter. Soon, Alizarin Crimson has the whole Femforce in her clutches. So, why has she released She-cat? Could it be because ‘Cat has gone without her bond too long, and the beast in her (Sehkmet) is ready to kill? “New Ways: I Dream Of Wires”, written by Wes Covington, pencilled by Darren Goodhart, inked by Ralph Cabrera, Bill Black and Jeff Whiting. Guest starring Janice Lawson and Dr. Pretorius. Color cover by Bill Black, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1988.