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Femforce 141

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Tragedy strikes as one of the FF’s core members falls in the heat of battle; Synn fights with an intensity never before seen; Ms V finds she may have lost a son almost as soon as she’d found him, and Nightveil and She-Cat have finally returned to normal- or so we THINK. If this is the END of a story arc, why does it raise more questions than it seems to answer? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the “Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself” story, as penned by Chris Irving, with art by talented newcomers Jon Doe, Chris Franklin, and Rob Lansley, with help from Mark & Stephanie Heike. Then, it’s two “flashback” stories; never-before seen adventures set in a previous time in FF continuity: YANKEE GIRL in “Circus Freak”, set in the early 1990’s, just after her emergence from Dr. Jonathan Weir’s VAULT OF HEROES. YG tries to find her place in the “modern world” by getting a job with a circus she helped out during World War II- but things don’t go smoothly. Plot, pencils & inks by Gianluca Cerritelli, and a script by Eric Johnson. Then, Gianluca is back handling pencil chores on “Death On The Airwaves”, a 1940’s BLUE BULLETEER adventure, written by Mark Heike and inked by Jeff Austin. BB looks for clues to the disappearance of her lover, The BLACK COMMANDO, but finds herself immersed in a Nazi plot to use Nicola Tesla’s abandoned equipment to sabotage US homeland air defenses instead!! And if all that is not enough, this issue of FF is another “flip book”- after you’ve read all the great Femforce action described above, flip the book over, turn it upside down and you’ve ALSO got issue #5 of comicdom’s best “giant woman” themed comic book, GARGANTARAMA-THE COMIC BOOK, with THREE great stories this issue, all penned by GTS enthusiast Eric Johnson!! Marla Allison is back in “The Trials of Humonga”, the first installment in a new ongoing series (with art by Rock Baker and Paul Wills); telephone chatlines go GTS in “1-900-GIANTESS”, illustrated by Quentin Bedwell & Rob Lansley; and Norse mythology goes GTS in “The Ragnarok Vault”, with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. All totalled, it’s 44 pages of never-before-seen “good girl” art and action with superheroines and giantesses!! Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched; full color covers with black & white interiors. Printed in 2007.