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Femforce 142

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Stardust is dead, but the rest of the FF must carry on. Not all parties are willing to accept the finality of Dusty’s demise, however; and as Nightveil braves the Limbo Void to test the viability of somehow contacting her spirit, she stumbles upon an old mystery that apparently has come back to life. Ms. Victory faces an unexpected reaction from her husband, the man known as Paragon; when he learns that a clone made from genetic material harvested unknowingly from himself and Ms V may exist. Ms. V thinks of “it’ as a monster, while Paragon considers it their son!! And when the being himself calls on Rad , it’s hardly a family reunion as she beats the heck out of him and sends him packing. Could this unlikely turn of events lead to a reconcilIation of sorts- or at least an alliance- between Ms. Victory and her estranged daughter, Rad? The plot thickens in a Femforce tale told in three chapters, “Post Mortem”, written by Mark Heike, with art by Jon Doe, Robert Walker, Manuel Bennides, Jeff Austin, Paul Wills and Mark Heike, and a cover by Stephanie and Mark Heike. Then, in the GTS -mania flip-book portion of the issue, Gargantarama- The Comic Book #6, its more giant-woman fun with epidodes from THREE great series, two of which are written by GTS madman Eric Johnston!! Marla Allison is back as Humonga, as her plan to rule the world of tiny men by amassing a huge personal fortune advances. See her in her new headquarters, a converted airplane hangar,as she belittles her new husband and browbeats her own tiny corporate board of directors!! By Johson, penciler Quinton Bedwell, and inker Rob Lansley. Then, the first episode of “I Married a Gammazon”, also written by Eric Johnson, with art by Antonio Rojo and Paul Wills. Remember the Gammazon race from early issues of Femforce? We thought their entire invasion fleet was destroyed, right? Well, maybe it was, but one lone Gammazon was left behind, and she’s quietly set up housekeeping with her human husband- until now!! Enter the Femforce, and trouble soon follows!! Finally, Threeta returns, as the superheroine made from the combined molecules of three beautiful young women becomes the focus of a plot hatched between a ruthless gangster and a renegade scientist in a story written by Mark Heike and drawn by Ken Hunt. Read the front half of the book as a great new issue of Femforce- flip it over, turn it upside down, and it’s the latest issue of Gargantarama- The Comic Book!! Femforce #142/Gargantarma #6 is 44 pages, black & white with color covers, saddle-stitched in standard comic book size, and printed in 2007.