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Femforce 144

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As the tumultuous lives of MS. VICTORY, NIGHTVEIL, SYNN, TARA, SHE-CAT and the rest of the Femforce cast continue to unravel, a new player comes onto the scene- familiar to old-time AC/Paragon readers, but NEW to FEMFORCE faithful. From out of the far-flung future, its the skyfairing adventuress known as STORMY FOSTER, blasting into our present time, bringing destruction in her wake. What is her mysterious mission in our time, and will she meet the FF as friend or foe? Find out in “Storm Warning”, writen by Stephanie Heike, with art by Stephanie & Mark Heike. Then, as SHE-CAT reaches a low point in dealing with her newfound non-super-powered state, she encounters the bloodthirsty menace known as CALAVERA. written by Enrico Teodorani & Stephanie & Mark Heike, with art by Antonio Geraldo Ceglia and The Heikes. Team leader MS. VICTORY and husband PARAGON are primed for a showdown with the mysterious youth claiming to be their cloned offspring, but find the next round is an unsatisfying meeting with the kid’s attorney!! Written by Mark Heike, with art by Rock Baker, Mark Heike and Jeff Austin. This issue, events start unfolding that will lead to the FF’s big 150th issue, coming up in 2009!! Then, those economy-sized ladies are back!! As our flip-book feature this issue, GARGANTARAMA, The COMIC BOOK returns!! GTCB #7 leads off with a scintillating new (to AC Comics) GTS character called ROWENA!! This self-proclaimed “gentle giantess” exists in medevil times, and does her best to deal with life as an oversized femme in a world dominated by tiny males. Created and written by Eric Lindberg, this issue sports TWO chapters in what will be the ongoing saga of Rowena; her intro story (with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin), AND Chapter 2, with art by Rock Baker and Paul Wills. Then, it’s a double-sized double-feature from writer extraordinaire Eric Johnson, as he scibes the return of ALI BASTUR and HER FORTY FEET in “Unwanted Touching”, illustrated by Baker & Austin; plus the latest installment in the adventures of bad-actress-turned-giantess Marla Allison- Humonga:”The Big Meeting”!! Marla goes on a rampage at the headquarters of villainess Madalyn Macabre- but is it io STOP her, or hire her? Featuring dynamic art from the new team of Javier Lugo and Jeff Osgood. All told, it’s 44 pages of great comics in a flip-book format- half FEMFORCE and half GARGANTARAMA- the COMIC BOOK. Standard comic-book size, black & white with color covers, saddle stiched. Released in 2008.