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Femforce 147

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ALMOST SOLD OUT!! ONLY TWO COPIES LEFT!! Subplots pick up speed this issue as SYNN and TARA FREMONT finally meet up with The SHADE (as Roger Brant) and BLACK PHANTOM to learn the ‘PHANTOM’S bizarre time-slipping situation- little-knowing that they barely miss running into the fugitive STORMY TEMPEST, as we begin to learn what the time-travelling heroine’s mission actually isall about in our present day in “Hiding In Plain Sight”, written by Mark Heike, penciled by Rock Baker, and inked by Jeff Austin. SHE-CAT helps MISS MASQUE and FIREBEAM return a smuggled Egyptian artifact, and defeat an ancient mummy returned-to-life in the bargain, in (Part 1 )”Tomb Returners”, written by Eric Johson, penciled by Scott Larson, and inked by Jeff Austin; and (Part 2 ) “Cat’s Cradle”, also written by Eric Johson, penciled by Manny Mederos & Mark Heike, and inked by Jeff Austin. MS VICTORY bemoans the FF’s recent lack of discipline while NIGHTVEIL fights for her life against the Old Dark Ones in a strange dimension far away. When both SHE-CAT and NIGHTVEIL return from thetr exotic adventures, an angry confrontation with MS. V leads to ‘CAT confessing to NV that she’s lost her powers. The two discuss a plan of attack for defeating the Old Dark Ones and stopping SHE-CAT’s now Sehkmet-powered doppleganger, PRYDE. All this in “Armageddon Yet”- scripted by Mark Heike, penciled by Rock Baker, and inked by Mark & Stephanie Heike. Plus- a short feature out of SHE-CAT’s past- “Claws of Calavera”, written by Enrico Teodorani, with art by Joe Vigil and Marco Caldi. Then, flip the book over, turn it backwards, and read the latest issue of GARGANTARAMA- The Comic Book- #10!! DINOSAUR GIRL returns in the latest chapter of her ongoing economy-sized adventures, “Colonel Von Klaa”!! Charged with guarding the strange island that gave her growth powers from Axis invaders, Dino Girl and her husband Rex encounter a crack all-girl squad of Nazis led by the darky beautiful Von Klaa. It looks like D-GIRL might be down for the count this time. Wiriiten and drawn by Rock Baker, with ink finishes by Jeff Austin. Then, the gentle giantess of the middle ages, ROWENA returns. Having made an uneasy piece with the giant hunter Sir Hubert (last issue) Roena and her human-sized love Cedric enjoy some quiet moment of celebration. Rowena is shocked when her pint sized-suitor “pops the question” and proffers an engagement ring!! Only one question remains in Rowena’s mind- “What will my family think?” “Love And War”, written by Eric Lindberg, drawn by Rock Baker, and inked by Jeff Osgood, Mark & Stephanie Heike. Two books in one- Femforce #147 back-to-back (in flip-book format) with GARGANTARAMA- The Comic Book #10. 40 all-new, never-before-seen pages in black & white, standard comic book size, with full color covers. Printed in 2009.