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Femforce 159

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A supernatural malevolence looms over the FEMFORCE, so when word of strange goings-on in a French castle reaches the FF, Nightveil urges the team to investigate. It’s not the threat NV fears, but Gallic ghosts and continental criminals team up to give Ms. VICTORY, NIGHTVEIL, TARA and SHE-CAT all they can handle in “Thje House of Lost Souls”, a three-part feature written by Chad Halcom and illustrated by Eric Coile, Rock Baker, Frankie Addiego, Scott Shriver and Jeff Austin. Then, a little vacation down-time in the Pacific for Ms. V and PARAGON reintroduces BLACK VENUS to AC continuity. The black-clad WWII aviatrix flies back into action (vintage P-38 and all) to save a Navy pilot from a crazed German cyborg known as The Gryphon bent on destroying Honolulu as the “last battle of World War II”. Written by new literary sensation Frank Tra, with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. Next, the latest installment of writer/artist Will Meugniot’s N.E.D.O.R. Agents saga sees second-generation heroine PYROGIRL trapped on the Moon in the stronghold of a hostile alien force and the rest of the ‘Agents Earthbound with questionable experimental technology their only hope to reach her. Meanwhile, FIGHTING YANK, Jr. feuds with her spectral ancestor AND her mother, the space-pirate from the future(?) known as Tara. And what’s up with The BLACK TERROR and his feral obsession with ALL the female ‘Agents? More action and intrigue in the world of a fictional 1965 by Meugniot the Master. The conclusion to the longest DINOSAUR GIRL adventure ever ends in satisfying crescendo as DG, The distaff Euroteam known as The War Birds and husband Rex team up stave off an Axis push to control the island where DG gained her powers in a World War II action epic entitled “Fortunes of War, Part II”. Written and drawn by Rock Baker, with ink finishes by Madman Jeff Austin. FANTASIA, the 1-900-GIANTESS heroine returns to face her hostile former boyfriend (who gave her the magical shape-shifting ring that gives her those unique powers) in “Not A Gentelman Caller”; written by creator Eric Johnson, with art by Eric Alan Nelson and Scott Shriver. Finally, ROWENA, the gentle giantess of the Middle Ages is back, hoping to make peace between her “normal-sized” husband’s family and her own economy-sized “little sister” Melina when highjinks ensue. Scripted by Eric Lindberg, with art by the team of Rock Baker and Scott Shriver. Add it all up and it come to 80 pages of all-new, never-before-seen story and art in the BEST value package of “good girl” art in the history of comics; FEMFORCE #159. Standard comic book size, black & white interiors with full color covers, saddle-stitched. Released in 2012.

12 thoughts on “Femforce 159

  1. Looks like a strong issue all around!

    I saw some preview pages of the 1-900-Giantess story on Eric Alan Nelson’s DeviantArt page, and the art for that one looks great!

    Also looking forward to seeing the 2nd part of Rock Baker’s extra long Dinosaur Girl / War Birds tale.

    Oh, and it’ll be great to see Eric Coile drawing FemForce again.

    So much to look forward to in this one!

  2. This is my debut with AC Comics!

    1. Am very much looking forward to seeing your work ,Frank

    2. Congrats on your AC debut!

      Eager to see your contribution the issue!

    3. Having seen it now, I can say, very nice work!

      Black Venus was especially sexy!

  3. Got to read this issue this weekend. Very good issue, good job putting it all together!

    – The House of Lost Souls main story was very good. It had one of the most important things for me for a supernatural threat story, a sense of internal logic to it so the magic isn’t arbitrary. The powers, methods, and goals of the villains were appropriately tied to their origin and nature.

    – The Black Venus story had some good exposition by Ms. V and Paragon explaining some recent events in more detail.

    – My favorite part of the NEDOR feature was Fighting Yank Jr and how she played off the interaction with her ghostly ancestor in a very modern gal way.

    – The Rowena story had some great art. Scott Shriver’s inks on Rock Baker’s pencils made for a really good combo. And since there’s a lot of close up shots with the characters, the details really stand out in this one.

    – The 1-900-Giantess story. I wrote this one so long ago, I could actually enjoy reading it without being too self-conscious! Great work by Eric Alan Nelson on the art, especially on the splash pages.

    – The Dinosaur Girl 2-parter came to a good conclusion. I can see some definite improvement to Rock Baker’s art since his first AC work. And the story has been one of Rock’s best. Jeff Austin’s inks add well, as always. Moment that stands out oddly for me: Viv and Rex having a cigarette certainly made it seem like a period piece.

    Nice job, AC!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Eric! Glad you enjoyed the Dinosaur Girl two-parter!

  4. Upon reading Eric Johnson’s comments I am even more keen to read this comic.My copies can not arrive soon enough.
    Thank you Eric for confirming my anticipations of,and whetting my appetite for , this comic.

  5. My direct order single copy arrived safely I will be up all night reading and rereading each and every story.

  6. Chad Halcom’s The House of Lost Souls was very satisfying. Eric Coile’s art set the mood in the first installment. Rock Baker handled the middle, “pretty girl” section with his usual flair and Frankie Addiego brought home the bacon for a really cool finish. His ghosts got pretty scary looking there by the end. Aided by AC’s able inkers; this was a real “Bullpen” effort.

  7. Great Femforce story, and would love to see more of Black Venus. 1-900-Giantess is really fun as well.

  8. Enjoyed Black Venus & Dinosaur Girl paricularly, and mustn’t for get NEDOR.

    Great issue.

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