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Femforce 163

Femforce 163 cover art

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THIS BOOK IS NOW SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! The latest issue of comicdom’s premiere superheroine group book is here, chock full of new stories!! As the FF basks in the glow of happiness from last issues’ reunion between NIGHTVEIL and her long-lost love, The BLACK COMMANDO; evil machinations are afoot on the West Coast. While both NV and Ms VICTORY are absent, SYNN makes a rash decision to act on an apparent monster attack in Hollywwod. SHE-CAT, TARA and STARDUST are pulled in after her, and what LOOKS like an incident caused by two villans out of the FF’s past is ACTUALLY the work of two very new malafactors, in “I Put A Spell On You”, Written by Mark & Stephanie Heike, penciled by Rock Baker and inked by Mark Heike. Then we pick up with Ms. VICTORY in Japan, of all places. While investigating a tip there on the troublesome RENEGADE, Joan finds herself embroiled in a conflict with members of a Japanese super-science defense league. It’s giant robots, oriental masterminds and Asian warrior girls galore, in “V Is For Victory”, written by Mark Holmes and illustrated by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. Then, take a trip back to 1956 when the FF team up with YANKEE GIRL and The FIGHTING YANK to face off against a near world-shattering menace created by the evil RED SQUARE, in “The Coming of Megaladonna”; written and drawn by Eric Coile, with inks by Bill Black. Next, TARA FREMONT tells the rest of the FF a tale of jungle(?) adventure and intrigue from her college days in “A Jungle Girl In Jersey”, written by Mark Holmes, with art by Scott Larson and Scott Shriver. Then, an untold tale out of the 1947 volume of the casebook of The BLUE BULLETEER; “Noir”. BB shadows a doppleganger in an unlikely locale to smoke out a killer, and ends up bagging two in the bargain. Written by Mara Grundmeyer and Mark S. Dail, with art by Eric Theriault, Mark Heike and Scott Shriver. Finally, a double-dose of alien giantess excitement with TWO episodes of the GAMMAZON HOUSEWIFE saga. First, Gammazonian giantess emigree Kar’Ri Conquest risks life, love and home against a group of former government elite troops gone renegade in “Alien Combatant”, written by Eric Johnson with art by Dan Gorman and Jeff Austin. It guest-stars SYNN, STARDUST and ROBERTA STROCK. Then, in “Living Like A Queen”; old Gammazonian cohorts invade Kar’Ri and Tom’s quiet suburban neighborhood for a showdown in a tale co-starring  the FF’s own TARA (“Too Tall”) FREMONT!! FF #163 is 84 pages of action, adventure, glamor and excitement. Released in 2013.

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  1. Looks like the text at the end is cut off. Describes the first Gammazon Housewife story but not the second.

  2. Very excited to learn the comic is available Very much looking forward to my Preview/ Diamond copies.

    1. I agree. This is an issue to look forward to. The blurb above sounds like a lot of good stuff, and I’m eager to see it all!

  3. Good catch, Eric! That’s what happens when you try to work too fast!! I’ve fixed the text now.

    1. Glad to be of help.

      I’ve been there myself, with the cutoff text when trying to post something…

      Of course, it could be said it was in my selfish interest to catch the cutoff, since the missing text was mostly about stories I wrote… But I would have pointed it out anyway. 🙂

  4. Really pleased to learn that the first of the two ” Glamazon House wive stories will feature an appearance of Roberta Strock. Thank you for posting the complete text.

    1. Yeah, it will be good to see Roberta Strock again. I like the character, and I was glad to have a chance to write her into that story.

      1. Thank you in advance for doing so.
        Hope we will see more of the character in stories to come

  5. First off I want to thank everyone for another great issue! We have a tendency to remember “the good ole

    days” but I think that right now FemForce is as good as it has ever been. Not only do I love the format and the

    variety, I also love the black & white art as it’s harder to hide poor art when there is no color. Fantastic job

    Though it does further the story lines that have been going on (as well as set up at least one new one, or

    at least one that will tie in with an ongoing story line) it was a pretty cool “break” and it was good to see Synn

    in a kind of solo-story taking on a problem (and solving it in typical Synn fashion) without a “save” from someone

    else while still keeping Synn’s personality completely intact. Though I love Rock’s artwork inked by Jeff Austin

    (which I didn’t miss because I got to see it in the next story) it was nice to see Mark’s inks and having the two

    stories right next to each other made it easy to look at the differences in the art from the same artist with two

    different inkers. In case no one has told you lately Rock – You Rock!
    The Ms. Victory story was awesome for several reasons. First of all is that so many writers have their

    characters stumble accross clues or accidentally run into whoever they are looking for no matter where they go. Ms.

    Victory didn’t accomplish any of what she went to Japan for, had a cool adventure, intoduced us to a new character

    (at least I think Rei is new. If she’s appeared somewhere else someone please let me know), and did it all in a way

    that spread good will as should be expected of Ms. V.
    I had mentioned before that I get excited about every issue of FF, but hearing that Eric Coile was doing

    Fighting Yank this issue just got me all giddy. After thinking about it I thought that it wouldn’t be done the same

    as Eric did the Fighting Yank series (as Hack Koilby) because it was a FemForce cross-over, BUT IT WAS!!!! I’m a

    happy boy! Seriously folks, if you don’t have this series get it. It is awesome! You can’t have more fun with a

    comic without getting arrested. Even issue 5 which Bill says he screwed up so bad and will tell you he did a

    terrible job on is still a really fun issue. As for the story in FF163 I’m pretty sure you can guess what I thought

    of it.
    This does bring up a question though. In the original Fighting Yank series it was brought up in issue 3

    that Eric had done a Cave Girl backup, but that Bill had pulled it and was going to publish a second issue of Cave

    Girl. Did this ever get published or was the story published somewhere else? And it sure would be a hoot if Bill

    could do that story about the “End of the Marbles” from issue 5.
    Of course I enjoyed the Tara story (I always like Tara stories…gosh!) and it was fun to read this and

    realize that she was appearently quite the tease when she was younger, and I laughed out loud at the ending.
    Then there’s the teaser page from the upcoming Andre St-Amour Tara series that really got me into that

    “Just can’t wait” frame of mind…Again! I had mentioned about the Nightviel/Blue Bulleteer story last issue that

    I’ve never really been a big fan of the “cartoony” style, but I sure am getting there. Andre does it without being

    juvenile and he tells a really good story with it, so Thank You Andre for changing my mind!
    The Blue Bulleteer story kind of threw me for a loop. The stage part had me thinking “Would she do THAT?”

    and I didn’t see the changeup coming until the last second. As one may sometimes hear in AC land “Cool Beans!”.
    Miss Masque, Watkins, Coile, Black… We need more of this stuff. It appears that if we want to see more of

    Bill’s work all we really need are more western themed stories 😉
    We also need to see more of Kar’ri and her family as I really enjoyed both of these stories. As a matter of

    fact with the ending of the second one it seems that it could be more likely for her to show up in a FemForce story

    or two in the future. NEAR future (hint, hint).
    My conclusion is that we need to pull the collective comic buying publics head out of it’s backside so that

    circulation on FemForce goes through the roof and we can get 140 pages on a bi-monthly schedule or keep the present

    format and do monthly.
    All those in agreement say Aye.







    1. Thanks for the kind words about “V for Victory” Rei is a brand new character never before featured anywhere. Perhaps we will see her in action again in the future. I also glad you enjoyed the “Jungle Girl in Jersey” Tara story. It was alot of fun to right. The Heike’s helped out quite a bit with that one. 🙂

      1. Should be *I’m also glad* not *I also glad* as written above. Also it’s “WRITE” not “right”!!!!! This is what happens when you post when you should be sleeping.

    2. Why thank you, Sir!

  6. The Cave-Girl backup story written and drawn by Eric Coile WAS published, about ten years ago. It was used in Femforce #1118. That’s the good news. The bad news is, because that was an anniversary issue, it sold very briskly as a back-issue, and has been a near sell-out almost since then. We literally have only ONR copy of that book remaining in stock.

  7. Just bought this issue at a comic store nearby, what really sold me was The Coming of Megalodonna! Love the vintage style and the drawings on that one all around, especially the awesome splash page with her chained to the asteroid. Very New Gods!
    Also enjoyed V is for Victory and the debut of Crystal Princess. Looking forward to reading the other stories.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Crystal Princess has a lot of surprises yet to be revealed.

    2. Hi Paul;
      First off I want to say that I’ve been trying to get to writing this for a few days now, but things have been pretty busy.
      It sounds like this may be your first issue of FemForce, so I’m interested in hearing what you think of the rest of the issue. I also want to encourage you to stick around for a few issues to get to know the characters. If you do I’m sure you will be in for the long haul.
      What you’ll find here is an amazing and full universe filled with distinct characters that doesn’t have to be rebooted every year to stay interesting and characters whose personalities don’t change from issue to issue for the convenience of the writer.
      Another thing I really love about Femforce right now is the anthology feel. I know I’m going to get my favorite characters, but I also know that every issue is going to give me a few surprises as well.
      I know it sounds like I work for AC, but I don’t, I’m just a fan that really enjoys good comics.

    3. Glad to hear you found FemForce at your local comic store! I’ve had too many people tell me they had trouble finding issues at stores.

  8. Hi Chuck,
    thanks so much for the nice note! Very appreciate the warm welcome.

    Actually, I have read quite a few issues, old and new, of FemForce, but I am more of a casual reader who likes checking in every now and then, pick up the occasional back copy, etc.

    But I do like them, I even have done some tribute art on my blog.

    I enjoyed the other stories as well. The short stories are a lot of fun, while also having the bigger narrative and developments in the main story. And I do like that there is a long continuity going on.

    Cheers again!

    1. Hey Paul;
      I did a search and found your site and your blog. Some really good stuff! I followed the blog back about 5 or 6 years and I didn’t find the tribute art you mentioned. Could you post a link to it? I’d love to see it.
      Am I right in guessing that your from Germany? I’m just wondering as a lot of your stuff is in German and you take a trip to Europe every year. I met my wife when I was stationed there for 6 years.

      1. Hi Chuck,
        Thanks for checking out my stuff! Sure happy to post it,
        I actually have another blog / webcomic that I do separate from my professional work, it’s here:

        And by clicking the label ”tributes”, you can find all the AC characters I did (and others), u just might have to scroll down / go backwards a bit:

        And yes, I grew up in Germany, but been in the Stated for almost a decade now…the country of super-heroes! Such as the lovely FemForce ladies!

  9. I would like to make a few brief comments and observations on the “Jungle Girl in Jersey” story
    I really liked this one.
    It tells an interesting and entertaining story and makes some thoughtful and insightful points( woven skillfully into the fabric of the story) that gives the reader some sharp and clear insights into the background and the nature of the characters( Especially Tara) featured in this adventure The art was good with some clever use of layout that really helped the story and emphasized the narrative.
    Commenting specifically
    Page One – The story opens with She Cat ,Syn and Dusty , looking a bit bedraggled and decked out in flattering but rather battle damaged party dresses ,returning to FFHQ from what supposed to be a “night of dancing”. Ever the provocateur Jess explains that Mara precipitated a fight between two would be dance partners by “leading them on”. Dusty protests she “did no such thing “and She Cat goes on to describe how the fight expanded and “the next thing you know we were all drawn in ” (As an aside -From her stance and facial expression this reader gets the distinct impression that Jess enjoyed the “dust up ” immensely . I believe this is entirely accurate for the character. I also like how this part of the opening shows that the ladies are more than just team mates. They are also friends who enjoy each others company and like to spend their “off time ” together. All this is a nice and skill full and efficient bit of story telling).
    Night veil tells Stardust that “men fighting over women is eternal” and Tara recalls a time when “two guys fought over me” She Cat mischievously invites her team mate to “please tell us the story ” and the” main” story” begins.
    I thought this was a very good opening.
    Page Two -Tara relates ,back when she was in college and nineteen years old , her father had sent her and her then boyfriend off on an assignment .The story begins with the couple together in Atlantic city , and a lot of interesting info and insights are provided in that single page
    First-the boyfriend (Flynn Arron)is pressuring Tara to “go all the way” and she demurs-Thus do we see that Tara is a young lady with” standards”
    Second -When confronted by what she considers to be over bearing and invasive Gov’t regulation she protests vigorously.-Thus do we see that Tara has no problem standing up for herself and for what she thinks is right.
    Third-We are witness to the moment when the eco-heroine discovers her iconic uniform
    Fourth- we see that Tara and Flynn are being watched . A nice bit of foreshadowing.
    That is an awful lot of info on one page . and is all very skillfully and economically delivered .
    Page Three-Tara and Flynn are in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey( which we learn are made up of almost one million acres of virtually untouched and undeveloped forest ,located right in heart of the state),where we learn that their mission is to locate a special sub species of blueberries “rich in antioxidants”. Given that the healing properties of anti oxidants are very much in the news right now,having the characters search for them is a clever bit of story telling. I also thought the the back ground info about the Pine Barrens was again very skillfully and naturally worked into the story
    Also their guide-Kirk Frietag, an expert on the Pine Barrens is introduced into the story .He is obviously very attracted to Tara (as seen in the left upper middle panel) Kirk responds in the next panel with a rather possessive display of affection of his own towards Tara.(As an aside -I have to say that to my mind this is exactly the young men like Flynn and Kirk would act and having them behave this way adds a level of realism to the story that I really enjoy and is another clever bit of story telling that is effectively rendered by the artists) .
    And I must say that Tara looks really good in her “Daisy Duke” style outfit in that vertical full length half page panel.
    Page Four- The search begins . Kirk informs Tara and Flynn that they will have trek deep into the Barrens to find the blueberries, which Tara can already identify . In the course of this part of the story we see that that Tara is able to haul all her own gear( with much less exertion than Kirk) and we learn that she has been ” conditioning myself to live outside for years now”, and can “go for days with very little food or water” Tara tell her companions ( and we, the readers )this from a central circular panel that really draws the readers eye to it
    and subtly tells us that this is significant info . To my mind this is a very skillful piece of page /panel construction.
    Also ,to my mind the info delivered in this panel quietly implies that Tara has been unconsciously preparing herself for her role as a heroine.
    Also in the panel we see she now has her trademark long bladed knife ( another sign of things to come ).
    Also on this page Tara has the “creepy feeling” she is being watched . That could a reference to mysterious figure we saw back on Page Two and is a nice bit of foreshadowing and story construction .( Or it could be a reference to we, the readers).
    Also she does look really does look good in that central panel.
    Page Five. The Search Continues.
    As the trek continues Tara mentions her feeling of being watched to hr companions and Kirk opines that it might be the Jersey Devil and relates it’s story as they set up camp for the night.
    As Tara, depicted in a large irregularly shaped panel in the upper left quadrant of the page) starts the fire ( impressively without matches, quietly demonstrating some really superior outdoor skills-which is another great piece of story telling) says that she “loves campfire stories , the scarier the better”. I have to say I really enjoyed that comment . It made the character even more likeable in my eyes that comment.
    Also I have to add she looks really good in that panel.
    Kirk then tells of how on (Boy Scout ) camping trip she actually saw the creature, but no one believed him , and that the sighting has sparked a life long quest for proof of the Jersey Devil’s existence.
    As an aside -I would have liked to have seen the BSA aspect emphasized slightly more in the story.
    Page Six- The Search Continues.
    Three days into the expedition and no sign of the blue berries.
    Tara saves her boyfriend from a snake and in so doing demonstrates world class athletic /gymnastic skills and a total fearlessness in confronting the snake ( In a small central square panel she sticks her tongue out at it ) She also identifies the snake as an endangered species and lets it go unharmed.
    As an aside – In these panels the character again demonstrates the skills and strengths and courage and agility and eco- awareness that will serve the character so well in her role as the Jungle Girl FEM Force heroine. In short we are seeing a heroine in the making. Again I think this another great piece of story construction.
    But what is ,to my mind more interesting and significant is the next part of the story ,in which, in addition to her explanation of how she acquired those athletic skills ( she was training to be an Olympic gymnast)she also relates that when she began to “blossom” her coach suggested putting her on a drug that would delay the onset of puberty ( regardless of the consequences that drug might have on her). Her father forcefully rejected that proposal. Even though this meant the end of her Olympic career,the story clearly demonstrates that Tara understands that her father always has her best interests at heart and she loves ,respects and admires him for it.
    As an aside I like this positive spin this put on the Father /Daughter relationship.Usually T.C. Freemont comes off as being a passive (almost weak) individual who just signs checks to bail out his little girl. Here we see him to be a strong and active and forthright man . I really like that.
    Page Seven- The Big Reveal
    We get to see the first time Tara wears her iconic Jungle Girl outfit ( or at least the earliest version of it). She really looks good( top left quarter panel) This precipitates a fist fight between between Flynn and Kirk as to whose girl she is and in typically male macho posturing fashion. they continue to go at each other even Tara forcefully tells them that she does not care for either of the “in that way” and the fight is senseless.
    Page Eight- The Real Villain Steps Out.
    At that moment Tara and her battling would be suitors are confronted by the gun toting Matilda Hunnsecker,daughter of a South African business rival of her Father,and her two Hench men. . Matilda reveals that she has been shadowing Tara and wants the blue berries for her father’s company. Tara is able to disarm the villainess with a well thrown rock ( thank to her years spent playing softball( which quietly remind the reader of the benefits of being active and playing sports) Tara then throws herself at Matilda,(Middle right panel-an excellent image,. determined press her advantage and take the villainess down down as Flynn and Kirk ,in the best”All American fighting man” tradition break off their combat and take on the henchmen.
    It is worth noting that even as she trades punches with her enemy ( (bottom left panel)- a very effective “silhouette” scene )Tara says she was perfectly willing to share the blue berries -which says a lot about the basic decency and humanity of the character and is in the best traditions of the FEM Force
    However Matilda is able to knock Tara senseless with a single hard punch(bottom middle panel-you can almost feel the impact of the blow.) Then in final panel she proclaims her superiority to Tara and states that she intends to kill her and her friends . That is a great little internal cliffhanger ending and a very good piece of story construction.
    As an aside – I think this page makes a couple of significant points that I wanted to specifically acknowledge.
    #1-In disarming Matilda with a rock Tara demonstrates that physical strength and skill and a cool head can sometimes overcome a mechanical(firepower) disadvantage.In other words cultivate your own strength do not rely on technology
    #2- Matilda was from Africa. Here we have some one from the “Third World “coming to America to exploit and steal it’s natural resources. This is a bit of a turn around on the old cliche and a clever and rather thoughtful piece of story telling. It might even be something of a first.
    However it could also be said that Matilda represents the sort of wealth and power that only wants to be richer and more powerful and does not care about racial solidarity or patriotism or their fellow man or the environment. If so then it could be said that this character shows us that such attitudes are to be found everywhere, not just in the West . That ,too is a good and useful bit of story telling.
    #3- With Tara being knocked out by Matilda we see that though she strong and capable ,she not unbeatable. This gives the character a level of vulnerability that makes here more human. I think this is another good piece of story telling.
    Page Nine -Saved by the Devil
    The sudden appearance of the Jersey Devil distracts Matilda and Tara is able to successfully counter attack and take down her rival( middle right panel which nicely mirrors the panel back om page eight in which Matilda knocked down the Jungle Girl (in training).
    As she carries off her unconscious foe Tara delivers a nice little “burn” / “Diss” /”slam”.
    I rather liked that little touch . It sounded right .
    Meanwhile Flynn and Kirk have beaten the Henchmen , but they still continue to trade boasts and barbs . Again ,this sounds right.
    Page Ten -The Wrap Up
    Tara relates the final details of the story and the story ends on a well constructed light note as She Cat delivers a clever ( though ,perhaps a bit mean , but not out of character “zinger” at Tara.
    That is my review . I hope I have done justice to the work and my writing is understandable and my speculations and conclusions were not too far off base.

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