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Femforce 168

Femforce 168 standard cover art

Femforce 168 standard cover art

Price: $9.95



Femforce #168 is NOW AVAILABLE!! Those gorgeous lady defenders of justice get pulled into the dastardly double-cross plan of time-tossed voodoo master CIANOSE DJAB, and MS. VICTORY, SYNN, SHE-CAT TARA and DUSTY must fight for their lives against a zombie hoard on the streets of Los Angeles. See Ms. V and the rest of the FF go incognito and undercover! See villanesses UMBRA and MADAME BOA co-opted into a master plan TOO EVIL for even THEM!! All in “Up A Lazy River”, a feature-length FF lead story (and fist-half of a big two-parter that will conclude in FF #169) written by Mark & Stephanie Heike, penciled by Rock Baker and inked by Jeff Austin. Then NIGHTVEIL searches dimensions without end for both her lover Dan (The BLACK COMMANDO) Barton and her greatest source of arcane power, the Cloak of Darkness- to no avail. But she IS drawn to a bizarre scene of word destruction. Is it real, is it illusion or is it a strange proficy? Make your guess once you read “The Question”, written and penciled by Mark Heike, with inks by Scott Shriver. That reluctant heroine, YANKEE GIRL is back; in Merry Olde England on a commercial modelling job, where she runs afoul of a medevil magical monstrosity known as MORDEATH in “Queen For A Day”, scripted by Mark Holmes, penciled by Riccardo Desini, with ink finishes by Jeff Austin. STARDUST is back in solo action in the Great Northwest as her personal and professional lives come together to bring her into contact with one of Earth’s great natural mysteries in “Science Fantasy”, written by Mark Holmes, penciled by Riccardo Desini and inked by Jeff Austin and Scott Shriver. Then, it’s a blast from the past, as a great AC story that has been sold out and out-of-print for almost TWO decades is presented once again, “Kitten’s Nine Lives!” starring those Vault of Heroes favorites, CAT-MAN and KITTEN in the tale (originally published in the Cat-Man Ashcan #2 premium book) that explains how (and why) CAT-MAN’s partner The KITTEN changed from a pre-pubescent little girl to a physically mature woman without waiting ten years to grow up! written by Stephanie Sanderson (now Sanderson-Heike) and Bill (Bossman) Black, penciled by Stephanie and inked by Mark Heike. Finally, DINOSAUR GIRL returns in another story set in (or rather under) the war-torn oceans of World War Two. DinoGirl is called on to save a trapped submarine , in a very different kind of DG tale titled “Deadly Depths”, written and drawn by Rock Baker, with inks by Mark Dail. All totalled, it’s 80 pages of great “good girl” art and action in the AC Comics fashion, inside a smashing FF cover drawn by Will Meugniot. Balack and white interiors inside full-color covers; standard comic book size, saddle-stitched, for $9.95. Released in 2014