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Femforce #168 Coming in August, 2014!!

Femforce 168 standard cover art

Femforce 168 standard cover artMachiavellian intrigue quickly degenerates into macabre urban warfare when zombiemaster CIANOSE DJAB is forced to confront the visiting FEMFORCE, and unleashes a hidden army of reanimated corpses, upsetting the carefully laid plans of his erstwhile co-conspirator, the vampire queen WAMPYR. Will WAMPYR’S rage at this turn of events be taken out on The FEMFORCE, or DJAB himself?  And how will recent events in NIGHTVEIL’s personal life affect her participation in this zombie-smashing free-for-all? You’ll have to read FF #168 to find out.  While the majority of this issue will focus on the current main FF plotline, there will be a few added surprises among the back-up features, including the return of Eric Lindberg’s ROWENA, in “Rise of the Dark Lady”, as the gentle giantess of Medevil Appleton must deal with a new kind of threat from her loose-cannon sister, Melina. Action, adventure, glamor and pathos by the usual cast of creators-Bill Black, Mark G. Heike, Stephanie Heike, Mark Holmes, Eric Johnson, Eric Lindberg, Rock Baker, Riccardo Dessini, Jeff Austin, Eric Coile, Scott Shriver, Chris Zarichansky and Mark Dail. This issue ships with TWO different cover options- a “standard” FF- versus- the- zombies cover version by comics and animation great Will Meugniot, and a special Stardust “Bat Moon Rising” design by Stephanie Heike and Scott FF 168 alternate cover B artShriver. These two versions will be shipped to Diamond Distribution in a 4:1 ratio; FOUR copies of the standard Meugniot cover to every ONE copy of the Stephanie Heike/Shriver version. The variant this issue is notable on two counts: long-time FF inker Scott Shriver makes his first appearance as part of the cover art team, AND every copy of that variant will be personally autographed by pencil artist Stephanie Heike- the FIRST actual issue of Femforce that AC has ever offered signed by this talented writer/artist/editer.If you want to be certain of getting the signed Stephanie Heike/Scott Shriver  variant, be sure that your local retailer orders enough copies- and keep in mind that ordering through Diamond is the ONLY way to receive this variant. Femforce #168; 80 pages of all-new contemporary “good girl art” action and adventure, coming in August, 2014.