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Femforce 17

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The Femforce is actively recruiting new members, so it all works out for the best that the Sentinels Of Justice may be forced to disband. Since former Sentinel Stardust will be at loose ends , she will make a perfect new FFer. Meanwhile, Nightveil suggests a fictional character that she accidently brought to life with magic as another possible recruit. Unfortunately, Stella Stargaze’ manipulations have taken hold on T. C. Fremont, and he evicts the group from their temporary HQ on Jungle Island. “Sentinels No More” is written by Bill Black, drawn by Darren Goodhart, and inked by John Dell. It guest stars Paragon, Commando D, The Scarlet Scorpion and Riot O’Rourke. Color cover by Mike Harris and Jim Sanders III. Black and white interior with graytones, standard comic book format. Printed in 1989.