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Femforce 171


Price: $9.95


Femforce #171 is now available!! WHO is the mysterious menace known as BLOOD MOON- and what strange hold does he have over Ms. Victory? The answer to BOTH questions will suprise you in “Evil At Center Stage” written by Chad Halcom, with art by Francesco Savi. The saga of NIGHTVEIL’s sojourn continues as she searches for her twin lost treasures on the world of her mentor, AZAGOTH. The reasons for the Dhagorian upheaval AND the fate of her teacher become clearer, as do the machinations of the evil sorceress VIVARNA., in “I Dropped A Bomb On You”, written by Mark and Stephanie Heike, with art by Scott Shriver and Jeff Austin. An African mercy mission to save endangered elephants turns dark for Tara , placed into a walking death trap in “Trophy Wife, Trophy Life”, written by Mark Holmes, penciled by Alejandro Alvarez and inked by Mark Dail. SHE-CAT and former flame The SCARLET SCORPION run into each other breaking up a backdoor plastic surgery racket, which leads to a heartbreaking misunderstanding in “If You Don’t Know Me By Now…”, scripted by Stephanie Heike and illustrated by Jason Bear. An unexpected “save” comes for TARA as the rest of the FF try to deal with her murderous predicament in “No Place Like Home”, by Mark Holmes, with pencils by Brian Dunphy and inks by Scott Shriver. Then, fisticuffs erupt amongst a surprising trio during a backyard barbecue that marks the “reunion” of Ms. VICTORY and RAD in “Life During Wartime”, written by Mark Heike with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. Finally- as a special bonus (to promote the release of the new 1/6 action figure licensed by Executive Replicas this month), we re-present the very FIRST AC Comics-era STORMY TEMPEST adventure, originally printed in the low-run Thrilling Science Tales #2 in 1990, and not seen since!! See STORMY expose the shocking culinary habits of the “peace-loving” Kinabians in an untitled story written and illustrated by Mark Heike. All totalled, it’s 80 pages of great “good girl” art and action; black and white interiors inside full color covers, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched for $9.95. Released in 2015.