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Femforce 172 HALF PRICE SALE!!


Price: $50.00


SPECIAL HALF-PRICE SALE ON THIS RARE, LAST COPY IN STOCK!!! While Joan (Ms. VICTORY) Wayne-Starrett and her husband PARAGON enjoy a rare day off, an old associate manipulate her daughter Jennifer (better known as RAD) into a new and dangerous phase of her life. The rewards could be great- and the RISKS even GREATER, in “Same As It Ever Was” by Mark Heike. Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. On Florida’s East Coast, the debut of a new FF charitable organization brings SYNN and TARA into conflict with a “new” super-powered menace- BLITZFRAU- in “Shock To The System”, by Stephanie and Mark Heike and Jacob Bear. And it looks like New Villainess month in FEMFORCE, as STARDUST meets yet ANOTHER premier distaff antagonist while defending her Cape Canaveral workplace in “The Rage of Raxis”, written by newcomer ( to AC ) Andrew Hawnt, with pencils by Scott Shriver and inks by Jeff Austin. Then, an investigation into a tragic death for the Orlando Police Department leads SHE-CAT afoul of… you guessed it… a new villaness- called MISS CUE in “A Nice Girl In A Place Like This”, written by Mark Holmes, penciled by Rock Baker with ink finishes by Scott Shriver. NIGHTVEIL’S crisis on the world of Dark Dhagor continues as she finally confesses to the loss of the Cloak of Darkness to her mentor, Azagoth, and as a plan for the liberation of Dhagor is put into action, VIVARNA and her cotere of evil sorcerers come up with a plan of there own, in “What You See Is What You Get”; written by Mark Heike, penciled by Scott Shriver and inked by Jeff Austin. DINOSAUR GIRL returns in another untold story from WWII, as she must deal with a mutated dinosaur that could NOT have come in contact with the mysterious ore that gave DG her powers in “The Battle For Atoll Q, written and drawn by Rock Baker, and inked by Alejandro Alvarez. Remember the storyline out of STARDUST’S past that we started back in FF #169- “Eldorado”? Well, this issue we present another installment. As the pre-superpowered MARA lies injured and left behind by her Rurian comrades on the surface of the planet Zanton, that world’s mysterious inhabitants come to her aide, and you will meet the mysterious alien known as “Fr’Nando”- written by Stephanie and Mark Heike, and breathtakingly illustrated by Chris Allen. If you’ve enjoyed Chris’s work at AC over the years, you’ll LOVE this, as he’s really outdone himself here. And speaking of Mr. Allen, he is ALSO part of this issues’ never-before-published special suprise feature; an enigmatic tale of the macabre called “You Wore Black, The Angels Wore White”, written by Dan Membiela, penciled by Mark Heike and inked by Chris Allen under his old pen name of David Jacob Beckett. Total it all up and it is 80 pages of never-before-seen good girl art action, adventure and intrigue, in glistening black and white behind a moody Dell Barras full-color cover. Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. for $9.95. Released in 2015.

2 thoughts on “Femforce 172 HALF PRICE SALE!!

  1. I am so proud to be a part of the team for this issue! I hope Femforce fans enjoy the story!

  2. Impatiently looking forward to receiving my copy. The stories, characters and contributors sound great.
    On a SLIGHTLY negative note, I thought issue 171 lacked the ‘oompf’ of other recent issues, despite its spectacular cover.

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