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Femforce 179

Price: $9.95


It’s here- the latest issue of comicdoms’ longest- running superheroine team book- FEMFORCE #179!! After helping win a years-long battle for the freedom of her mentor’s homeworld, NIGHTVEIL returns to the FF, but the homecoming is not all hearts and flowers as the problems and concerns of the team frustrate Laura in her attempt to get THEM to help her solve her own, in “New World Record”, by Stephanie Heike and Scott Shriver. Bugging out on the rest of the team for some “cooling off ” time leads NIGHTVEIL to a seedy Downtown Orlando nightclub and a strange ritual in “Some Girls Wander”, NV’s first solo adventure on Earth in several years. Script by Andrew Hawnt, pencils by newcomer Eric Van Elslande, and inks by Jeff Austin. Then, STARDUST faces a final, climactic battle with TRAXIS in “The Void Armada”, also written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Jacob Bear. Only an epic battle across time and space could bring this ongoing conflict to a conclusion, and this is it!! Then, a “retro” story out of TARA’s past (before she attained her size-changing powers) pits TARA against her arch foes Dr. and ROXANNE RIVITS, as the life (and fortune) of her father T. C. FREMONT hangs in the balance in “Fathers And Daughters”, written by Lou Mougin, penciled by Dan Gorman, with ink finishes by Jeff Austin. Next, there’s yet another previously untold story out of the past (the late 1940;s, in fact) teaming up The BLUE BULLETEER and MISS MASQUE to not only stop a mob boss but to save BOTH heroines’ reputations in “Take My Breath Away”, written by Mark Holmes, with art by Dave Matsuoka and Jeff Austin. Then CAT-MAN’s lovely partner KITTEN ends up knee-deep in the evil machinations of Dr. HONG in the first installment of what will be a long-running serial (co-starring her husband, CATMAN); “Wars And Rumors Of War”, Chapter 1; written and pencilled by Rock Baker, with inks by Luis Alonzo. Then, Andrew Hawnt’s great new character (first seen in the SHE-CAT story in FF #176) VIOLET SHADOW has her first solo outing. Picking up on plot threads laid down in that previous FF appearance, the distaff martial arts vigilante must stop the explosive plans of a heartless female mob lieutenant and her bodyguard in “New Blood For An Old Town”, scripted by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Francesco Savi. Finally Rock Bakers’ tongue-in-cheek heroine SUPER-CUTIE returns as she needs help from a couple of familiar-looking fellow heroines to defeat the evil machinations of TIGRESS WOMAN and her sidekick, SPOTS in “The Cat And The Coffin”, written and pencilled by Rock Baker, with inks by Luis Alonzo. Eight full stories of wild, way-out “Good Girl” art superheroine action in crystal-clear black and white inside a full color cover by Stephanie Heike. Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched for $9.95, now available from AC Comics. Printed in 2017.