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Femforce 18

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What could possibly harm the Femforces ‘ reputation more than a nude layout in a skin magazine? The answer to that question is-nothing!! So , when just such a hoax is perpetrated, you’ve got to figure Stella Stargaze is behind it. But she’s not. Though that’s not to say that she and her partner-in-scandal Hildalgo Romero don’t intend to do all they can to maximize their benefit out of it. But when the FF find the actual culprit, they enlist his aid in turning the tables on Ms. Stargaze in a unique manner. “In The Buff”, written by James Misson, with pencils by Bill Lux, Don Secrease and Bill Black, and inks by John Dell and Bill Black. Back-up story is a vintage reprint, Cave Girl by Bob Powell, from her original 1950’s Magazine Enterprises run. The story is “The Volcano Fury”