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Femforce 2

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Good girl glamor and heroics continue as the world’s first all-female supergroup battles Amazons and gangsters South of the border in “A Gentleman Named Ripjaw”. An escape from capture by giant women, a short jaunt back to prehistoric times and the origin of the man with metal dentures are only the beginning, before the Femforce finally save the day and bring back Dr. Jimenez’ Time Triangle. (Guest-starring Colt, Satch and Wallow, Jennifer Wayne-Burke, and the first appearance of Reggie Blodgett.) Story, layouts and inks by Bill Black, pencils by Mark Heike.Back-up is the first and only AC appearance of Joan Mann, The Last Detective, in a story called “Pursuit”. Joan is, quite literally, the last working gumshoe in the far flung future. She returns a stolen statue and stops a gang of smugglers. Story and pencils by Mark(Lobo)Propst, with inks by Jim Sanders III. Color cover by Hieke and Black, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1985.