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Femforce 5

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A giant She-cat robot terrorizes the Ocean World attraction in Orlando, and the real She-cat and Ms. Victory are on hand to stop it, even as the cat-fight between Tara and Stella Stargaze heats up. The two combatants are down to there undies before Nightveil (in her civilian identity of Laura Wright) steps in to help.”Cat Fight” is written by Bill Black, pencilled by Mark Propst and inked by Bill Anderson. Guest starring T. C. Fremont, and Captain Tom Kelly. Then- the first FF appearance of- “Synn, The Girl From LSD”. Newcomer Tara learns that Synn, and her reality-warping mental powers, are stored in stasis in the basement of FFHQ. And She-cat’s off to track down giant robots!! Story and art by Bill Black. Next, She-cat solo tracks down the lair of the mysterious Dr. Pretorius, but the good doctor is out. “Copy Cats”- story and art by Bill Black. Finally, Moon’s Mind Masquerade concludes with “The Mind’s Have It” as Colt pulls in a surprise Femforce member to defeat montague moon, then takes her creators out to lunch. Story and pencils by Don Secrease, inks by Doug Hazlewood. Guest-starring Don Secrease, Rick Burchett, Paul Daly, Bill Black and Nightveil. Color GTS cover (Based on the Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman movie poster) by Bill Black and Bill Anderson. Full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1986.