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Femforce 64

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FeFo#64 All Color!!! The giant women are back in the second half of “Assault Of The 60 Foot Woman”. Nightveil decides to take a hand, and her solution is to magically grow to Garganta’s size, and deal with her face to face. Ye gads, GTS fans- now there are two of them!! Unbelievably, a third giantess comes on the scene when a weird blast of ectoplasmic energy from a ritual Dr. Jonathan Weir is performing in upstate New York, grabs Tara from her adventure on Taragonia, and rockets the Too Tall one onto the movie set in L. A. !! A little more giant female stomping, and the good gals win. Written and drawn by Bill Black, and inked by Nar Castro and Sonny delos Santos. Guest starring Buckaroo Betty, Stella Stargaze, The Green Lama, Microman, and Nyoka. Then, the backup is the start of a multi-part feature. The existance of the beautiful Old West gunslinger-turned-good -girl , Magazine Enterprises’ Black Phantom, is about to turn weird. “The Trial Of The Black Phantom”is plotted and pencilled by Nick Northey, scripted by Bill Black and inked by Nar Castro and Sonny delos Santos. Good girl artand action with a Wild West flavor. Color cover by Brad Gorby, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1993.