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Femforce 8

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Picking up the storyline from Sentinels Of Justice #6, this finishes up the Western Jam storyline with “Frontier Justice!”. Back in the Old West, Nightveil meets the mystic being known as The Haunted Horseman, and the encounter leaves both shaken. Meanwhile, a gunslinger’s showdown between the Latigo Kid and a raygun -toting Kronon may have finally convinced The ‘Kid that he may someday become the super-being known as Paragon. And back in the present, the paranormals are choosing up what sides to be on in the upcoming Armaggedon Factor. Story and art by Bill Black and Rik Levins, inks by Black, Dan Davis and John Dell. Then; from the casebook files of the Femforce, comes an early tale from Synn’s past, as we see how a secret government cabal, the Lifeform Supernormal Development program tried to use her to it’s own ends, soon after she gained her reality-warping power. Guest starring Atomman, reprinted from Paragon Presents. Story and art by Bill Black. Monochrome cover by Bill Black, full color inside. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1987.