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Femforce 9

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Back from the past, troubles a’brewin’ for the Femforce. In order for She-cat to hold in check the power of the evil cat -diety that possesses her, she must form a psychic bond with another being. For decades, that bond was with Joan Wayne, A. K. A Ms. Victory. But Joan and Ms. V. no longer exist-thanks to a forced overdose of the compound that gives Ms. V. her powers.(It happened in Nightveil #7) Now, only the unstable and antisocial Rad exists in Joan’s place. She-cat’s bond is gone, and the goddess Sehkmet is in complete control. Oh, and Rad plans to disband the Femforce, too. All this in “Breakables”, written by Wes Covington, with pencils by Dell Barras, and inks by Danny Taverna. Guest starring Tom Kelly, Stella Stargaze, and introducing Colt as new leader of the Femforce. Color cover by Tom Grindberg, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1987.