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Femforce : Capricorn Chronicles Graphic Novel

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The first Femforce graphic novel ever produced, this classic relates the mad plan of the evil, extra-dimensional goat-god known as Capricorn, and his plan to use his human agent, Alizarin Crimson to spread a deadly plague to gather him the human souls he needs for sustinance. A sweeping epic that moves from the South Florida Everglades, to the unforgiving steppes of Russia, right into the office of the president of the United States!! Starring the entire cast of The Femforce, and guest- starring Yankee Girl, The Avenger, Green Lama, Miss Masque, The Haunted Horseman, No-Nose Nannette, and a cast of thousands. Written By Bill Black, with art by Brad Gorby, Mark Heike, Bill Black and John Nadeau. This book reprises issues #55-57 of the Femforce regular comics series. 92 pages, standard comic book size, in squarebound, trade paperback format. Color covers with black & white and FULL COLOR interiors. Printed in 1994.