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Femforce Omnibus Volume 1 SOLD OUT!!





 THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! FEMFORCE is the longest-running, most successful team of female superheroines ever to come out of the world of comic books, and here is your chance to own their very EARLIEST appearances, all in one high-quality collection, in this first volume of the FEMFORCE OMNIBUS!! This book reprints FEMFORCE # 1-7, in their entirety, PLUS two ADDITIONAL stories key to FF continuity that actually appeared in other titles; namely NIGHTVEIL #7 (The Origin of Rad) and SENTINELS OF JUSTICE #6 (the other half of the legendary FEMFORCE Western Jam- FF issue #7!!), in the proper chronological order in FF continuity. Over 240 pages of story and art!! Includes the classic tales “Trek For A Time Twister” (from the now-collectible FEMFORCE #1- see the story where TARA FREMONT joins the team!!), “A Gentelman Named Ripjaw””(featuring the first appearance of the Gammazons From Galaxy G, from FF #2); the untitled story from FF #3 that introduces Stella Stargaze, and the underwater complex known as Oceanus 1; “The Hypnotic Eye” (FEMFORCE #4); “Attack Of The 50Ft?/ Catfight”, the very FIRST AC giant-woman story, and the FF intro to SYNN , The Girl From LSD (FEMFORCE #5); “Girl Talk”(which brings SYNN onto the FF team); and “The Good, The Bad, and the Paranormal” wherin the whole FF team travels back to the Old West to learn the secret of PARAGON’S origin, and meets an all-star guest list of comic book, movie and TV cowboys in the bargain- as originally seen in FEMFORCE #7. As an added bonus to the complete and unabridged reprintings of these classic comic book adventures, Bill Black himself writes a text intro to each issue, telling inside stories about the creation of the story and behind-the-scenes quips about what was happening at AC Comics around the time the issue was coming out. See the genesis of William Black’s great superteam, in stories penned by the creator himself, with help from Rik Levins. Art by Black, Mark Heike, Rik Levins, Mark Propst, Robert Walker, Erik Larsen, Don Secrease, Tom Grindberg, Howard Bender, Steve Vance, Dan Panosian and Paul Daly. We had never intended to offer copies of this book here on our web shop, since it was created as a comic shop exclusive, but since Diamond Distribution has changed their business policies since the creation of this book, making it IMPOSSIBLE for comic shops to obtain reorders of this historic volume, we are offering a limited number here and now, but supplioes are limited, and this book may sell out fast. FEMFORCE OMNIBUS is standard comic book size, 240 pages long, black & white interiors with full-color covers; perfect-bound squareback binding for bookshelf display. The first volume in an ongoing series to reprint the FEMFORCE book’s entire run. See your local comic book dealer to order future issues!! Released in 2009