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Femforce : Pulp Fiction Portfolio

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THIS PORTFOLIO IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE> Inspired by art of the great adventure pulp magazines of the 1930’s and ’40’s, see dynamic scenarios featuring the heroines of AC’s now-classic Femforce, each one featuring a favorite character just as she is about to save a helpless damsel in distress from her most fearsome enemy. See Ms. Victory face-off with Valkyra, Stardust confront Proxima, Rayda defy Lady Luger, and Too-Tall Tara take on Umbra. Each of these plates features all-new, never-before-seen artwork designed and inked by Mark Heike, with each plate pencilled by a different Femforce art great: 1 each by Brad Gorby, Chris Allen, Stephanie Sanderson, FF creator Bill Black, and Heike himself. Every highly detailed scene was inspired by Femfan and writer Jim Johnston, who provides a page of text story to flesh out each vignette.Think of these illustrations as covers to Femforce issues that never existed. Five black-and-white fine art plates on bristol, (suitable for framing ) in an illustated envelope.

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  1. If you look closely between Lady Luger’s feet. You will see the artist signature: Schomgorb! That’s Gorby paying tribute to the great Alex Schomberg who put out one great cover after the other. “UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE” is correct. I missed these series of plates when they first came out and am kicking myself for it now. I have never found them for sale.

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