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Femforce : The Closer You Get The Better We Look

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LAST COPY AVAILABLE!!! ONCE THIS IS GONE,THIS BOOK IS A TOTAL SELLOUT AND WILL NEVER AGAIN BE AVAILABLE FROM AC COMICS!A big, FULL COLOR compilation of 6 issues of AC Comic’s Femforce- Up-Close series (contains issue #’s 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 & 9), presenting feature-length solo stories of the cast of the Femforce regular series-stories that focus on the character & background of the various members of the world’s #1 all-female supergroup-but still pack in plenty of action!! See Laura Wright, The BLUE BULLETEER, in a story set in war-torn 1942- “Thanks Given”- as the brave, masked adventuress uses her grief over past losses to give her the courage to save her father from a Fascist plot (with art by Richard Pollard & Sonny Del Los Santos); MS. VICTORY gets a new look, learns new secrets about the SHE-CAT’S origin & powers, and plants the seeds that will eventually lead to her marriage in “Cat’s Paw”, written by Bill Black, with art by Brad Gorby & Mark Heike. Then, TARA and co-star GARGANTA spend an adventure on a tropical island wher TARA learns to begin to harness her growth powers while the two repel an “Infestation From Space”, with art by Manny Pantaleon & Sonny Del Los Santos; followed by SYNN in “When A Tree Falls in the Forest”. Despondant about being the only FFer NOT picked to head the department of a new govenment program, Synn nontheless uses her mind-bending abilities to stop a madman’s wholesale destruction of the Amazon forests- only no one will ever know it. Written by Bill Black, with art by Chris Allen & Mark Heike. DRAGONFLY finds adventure just after finally leaving the Femforce, and faces an undead leader of a motorcycle gang & his minions in “The Golden Age of Leather”, written by Mark Heike, with art by Dave Roberts; and STARDUST struggles with the complexity of human society while making the decision to stay on Earth in “One Slip”, written by Mark Heike, with art by Dave Roberts & Jordi Ensign, and also says goodbye to her homeworld of Rur in “Stardust Memories”, written & drawn by The Count, with inks by Mark Heike. Plus- a bonus story- the Origin of Dragonfly, written & drawn by Rik Levins, inked by Kevin Dzuban. Cover art by Carlos Rodriguez & Mark Heike.160 pages of Femforce action in FULL COLOR!! Standard comic book size, squarebound trade paperback format, printed in 2006.