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Femforce : To Die For Graphic Novel

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THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! For more than six decades, Ms. Victory has led a rewarding and valuable life- not only as the costumed and super-powered leader of the Femforce, but also in her civilian identity as world-renowned bio-geneticist Joan Wayne. As the bigger-than-life heroine, Ms. V has youth, strength, and near-invulnerability, but as Joan Wayne, her aging body has nearly reached the limit of it’s functionality. The time has come for the Joan Wayne personna to be “retired” and for “Joan” to remain Ms. Victory permanently. But, before the plan can successfully come to fruition, the tables are turned on Ms. V by an unscrupulous colleague, and evil forces attempt to use Joan’s own body to create a phalanx of young and strong renegades bent on hedonistic destruction. Can Ms. Victory somehow prevail, beaten, bound and powerless? Not without the help of that man of might known as Paragon. See Joan learn the true nature of her own super-abilities, and watch the developing romance with Paragon that will ultimately lead to their marriage in this classic storyline originally seen in Femforce #’s 82-84. See Rad (Jennifer Wayne/Burke) at her own mother’s gravesite, at the funeral of Joan Wayne!! Also featuring Synn, Nightveil, She-Cat, The Scarlet Scorpion, Rad, Crimebuster & Iron Jaw. Story by Bill Black, with art by Brad Gorby, Eric Coile, Mark Heike, Andrew Pepoy and Chris Allen. An 84-page graphic novel, standard comic book size, in squarebound, trade paperback format, color covers with black & white interiors. Printed in 2005