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Bill Black’s Fun Comics Volume 2 2

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It’s here!!! The second big issue of Bill Black’s Fun Comics, Volume 2. Lighthearted adventure entertainment whipped up by the AC Comic’s Head Honcho, for the amusement of our fans. Nothing serious, negative or downbeat. It’s just FUN!! The cover and lead feature this ish is Fighting Yank. This is AC’s revisionist take on the old Standard /Nedor character of comic’s Golden Age, though he is done as much more of an homage to a certain red, white and blue creation of the great team of Simon and Kirby-the one they did at Prize Comics in the 1950’s. This story, too, is set in 1954. The ‘Yank’s boss, the mysterious Big Guy, sends him out against the sinister Dr. Noah and his devilish (but beautiful) daughter. Rocketman and Jetgirl co-star. The story is titled “Bail-Out At Ground Zero”, and is written and illustrated by Bill Black. Then, Commando D continues his age- old battle against Queen Tygraa and her Catfiends. Though consigned to another dimension, they have found a way to cross back over to Earth, and only the D-Man can contend with “Banzai Bengals!” Written and illustrated by Wild Bill Black, with special guest appearances by Paragon and Ms. Victory. Then, a double-shot blast from the past. First, back in 1980, The Wild One wrote and drew a story for The Charlton Bullseye, starring Nightshade, The Darling Of Darkness. Since he was not paid for it, it was done with the understanding that Bill could someday reprint it in his own publications- and here it is!! It’s Nightshade ( a la’ her 1960’s look ) against the best Charlton villain EVER, in “You Look Like You’ve Seen A Ghost” Another Black written and illustrated tour-du-force. Next, a horror story Bill originally did up as a sample for Warren Publications ‘way back in the ’60’s. The Wild Guy was actually hired by Warren before he could send it to them, so they never used it. It’s entitled “Mud”, a tale of jealousy and revenge, set in the Georgia swamps, and it’s narrated by The Shade! Art and story by William F. Black. Finally, another new story, as the wacky leader of the Justice Squad has a solo adventure. Once again he must save that buxom duo. Trixie and Dixie from rack and ruin in a lookalike contest in “The Hot Air Heroine Heist” Goofy and fun, as only Bill Black can write n’ draw. All this plus pinups of Nightveil and Paragon by Eric Coile and Louis Dominguez. Color cover by Bill Black, interiors are black and white. 36 pages, 6″ X 91/2″, standard comic book format. Printed in 2000.